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    Racetronic hat / AN FITTING / floater and 340 pumps

    What a beauty :cool:
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    Nos passenger side door weatherstripping

    I've never seen paint fail like that. I wonder what causes that?
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    #503 crosses the auction block, today, at Mecum

    62k back in 2014 according to this FB link
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    Any idea what wheels these are?

    Looks like a mid 80s Firebird wheel
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    1987 Buick GN For sale ( Philadelphia )

    I'm just curious how you can be the original owner, yet be unaware it has aftermarket wheels on it?
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    Any one see this one??

    The lightning rods are a nice touch.
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    Anyone Got Pics of Black GN Rims?

    Here's a set on an F-body
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    bilstein shocks

    $286 at with free shipping
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    What is up with GNX #234

    There you have it!
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    What is up with GNX #234
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    GNX 19 For sale on Ebay

    Something is not quite right
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    1986 Buick 455

    You probably have to do better than that if you actually want to sell the car. ***EDIT: Disregard, I just saw your other topic. That thing sounds like a beast.
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    TTA 677 taillights

    Glad I could be of assistance.
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    TTA 677 taillights

    Amazing that you took the time to set up an account to email him, but you didn't take the time to read the page you linked to which states "91/92 GTA tail lights".
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    How can you tell it's not the same car? The first pictures (when it looked like a GN) are from 4 years ago. The second set are from the current auction. A lot can happen in 4 years.
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    1989 corvette with 16k miles

    I love the cloth seats. You don't see them very often.
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    Going to be one of the fortunate tomorrow

    This one?
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    GNX 506 on EBAY

    Post 7 has a link to a separate Ebay listing. Here's the listing for the car this thread is about...