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    What's going on?

    Looks like the site took a dump, is it going to be recovered?
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    1987 GN no fuel to rail

    Yes, the pump is almost certainly the culprit, but if, once all the big ticket items, tank, pump, etc, are taken care of and there's still no prime, don't forget the relay. The fuel pump relay is a sore spot for me as it was bust when I bought my car. I had looked at the car a few times...
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    1987 GN no fuel to rail

    +1 probably bad relay if not. If it doesn't prime (and you have a good battery) keep cranking and once oil psi builds to over 4ish the fuel pump will run. (Takes a surprising amount of cranking to get 4psi on a stock motor)
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    brake light indicator on after installing strange hydraulic brake booster

    The Brake light is ground switched. 4 things can trigger the Brake light: the parking brake, the bulb test when starting, the brake distribution/prop block (triggers low brake line PSI) and the Powermaster switch. It sounds like you tossed the Powermaster, how did you clean up its wiring? Are...
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    Weatherstripping glue removal

    There was a thread I can’t find where someone suggested a particular wheel that made short work of the glue. Anyone know what that wheel might be? Or have any other suggestions for removing the glue? Thanks!
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    Electrical Experts step in...

    Thank you for your reply! But to sense that ground connection, a voltage has to be applied to see that the circuit is closed? I'm attaching an admittedly bad picture of the Buick wiring schematic and it shows a 12v within the ECM going out B10.
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    Electrical Experts step in...

    The Park/Neutral switch: it takes a voltage, probably 12v, from the ECM (pin B10) to the P/N switch (orange/black wire). When the transmission is in Park or Neutral, it connects the B10 line to ground (black/white wire) and the ECM sees the circuit closed (and applies IAC, which isn't...
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    Need to install CA legal exhaust system

    Some smog shops will want to see an EO number stamped on cat, if it’s not a stock unit.
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    Radio bezel, dash cage and pulse wiper

    OK, thanks!
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    Radio bezel, dash cage and pulse wiper

    Yes, do you have one that’s been extracted from the console/dash?
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    Radio bezel, dash cage and pulse wiper

    Yes to both, PM me at your convenience. Thank you!
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    Radio bezel, dash cage and pulse wiper

    Interested! PM me the details when you can. Thank you!
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    Radio bezel, dash cage and pulse wiper

    Looking for radio bezel in good shape and all prongs that hold the metal clip thingies intact. Now the hard part. The metal “cage” that the bezel pops into. I think that can only be removed with the entire dash removed. Previous owner had some aftermarket set up that he had to hack the cage...
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    TR 6 used with a ECU GN and CNP.

    I got my coil bracket from Hartline, not sure if they still sell them:
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    High BLMs-Prepping for CA SMOG

    I don't think you should be seeing those BLMs even with a smog chip. If you see normal BLMs with a non-smog chip, that might tell me your smog chip and normal chip are configured for different size injectors. Is this your first time smogging a car in California? How is your catalytic...
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    T-bolt clamps

    I blew a hose as well when I converted over to these, I thought I had them cranked down pretty tight. Is this a feature of these clamps? Tighten them down, and then keep going past the point where you feel like you're going to crush the pipe or strips the threads? I don't think I went over...
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    Fan shut off?

    Not chasing down a problem, just want to know if once the fan turns on, will it ever turn off. Was thinking of driving something else off the ecm fan trigger.
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    Fan shut off?

    Once the computer commands the fan on, will it ever shut it off? At what temp would it do so?
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    3 or 4 inch single shot

    I have a 3" cat on mine, and it has a circular output, the 2.5" dual pypes has an oval inlet. There is no outside leakage at the flange, but I have to wonder if some performance being lost by having non-matching inlet/outlets. The drone is a non-starter for me though, I do like the sound of...
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    Wiper Pulse Module replacements

    Interested in this as well.