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    Help with Waste Gate

    Thanks really helps eric
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    Help with Waste Gate

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    Help with Waste Gate

    How would i hook up the dual port gate... i have a elec boost control... i had a gn back in the 90's was pretty handy with it.... alots changed in 10 years....
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    Help with Waste Gate

    Is the dual port the way to go with internal or is there a better option
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    Help with Waste Gate

    Witch one would be the most reliable and easier to work with... also how would i set up the one with the Turbonetics dual ports... thanks for the reply eric
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    Help with Waste Gate

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    Help with Waste Gate

    Im finally putting my GN back together... Trying to figure out witch waste gate to get... The motor is a stock block worked steel head, using a P trim 70 turbo with 80lb injectors... Hope to install a classic fast system... I both internal and external waste gate down pipes and plan on...
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    parting out 2 cars

    interested in the shifter cable eric
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    Great Prices on GN Parts

    ill take the Complete used set Kirbans rear seat braces with hardware $35 and 1-Delco cd player (year 2000) with harness adapter to GN radio harness $45 both shipped to us 07461 thanks
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    parting out 10 second 87 gn

    Any pics of the truck eric
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    New Tubular Upper A-Arms and ball joints

    150.00 shipped?
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    Some zoo zoos and wham whams for sale

    ill take the egr block off plate... shipped to 07461 eric
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    Classic Fast wire harness

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    Classic Fast wire harness

    Again putting the car back together after a year apart and noticed that the fast wire harness was cut were it goes to the engine comp... so i have none of the plugs that go to the motor... were would i be able to get the harness repaired... left a message for fast but looking for other option...
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    Couple Wireing Questions... Please Help

    thanks guys... it worked out trans plug... hood light and i installed the hot wire with the double pumper harness.. those wires were driving me crazy... eric
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    12" Brake upgrade

    Thinking of doing to same upgrade... Would you happen to have a list of parts and what make and year they came off... any special work that had to be done... i would appreciate it. eric
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    Couple Wireing Questions... Please Help

    Just figured out the square plug... it belongs on the trans.... thanks...
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    Couple Wireing Questions... Please Help

    Putting the 87 back together after a year... couple questions... the car had a hot wire kit and i installed a double pumper with the harness and switch for the second pump... do i need to re install the hot wire kit or dose the harness take care of the the same duties... second question is a...
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    Fly Wheel Bolts

    Trying to install a new fly wheel but cant find replacement bolts. Anybody have any idea. thanks eric
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    200-4R with all CK performance upgrades for sale (Just built)

    price and location. is shipping an option thanks eric