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    Wanted:27 tooth black speedo driven gear

    I am in need of the black 27 tooth speedometer driven gear. The one that the Speedo cable slides into on the transmission. Mine is worn and my needle was erratic. I was able to find a 31 tooth white gear to use temporarily, but the speedo appears to read about 5 mph low at 50mph. Please reply...
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    Trying to figure out no spark, no injector pulse problem......

    ohm results......... The wires between each sensor ohmed out to .08 each on the 200 scale of my multimeter. I hope the Ignition module splice I ordered from Caspers arrives today or tomorrow.:D
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    Trying to figure out no spark, no injector pulse problem......

    I can ohm them this evening.......... Good Afternoon, I did do a continuity check from the Harness side of each sensor connector to the Ignition module connector. I hade continuity on all 3 wires for each sensor. I will ohm the wires this evening when I get home and post the results. Thanks:)
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    Trying to figure out no spark, no injector pulse problem......

    With the information you guys gave me, I am 99.9% I found my problem. It appears that my CCCI connector is bad. Once i had confirmation that the ignition module powered the crank and cam sensors thru pin P I proceeded to bench test my ignition module by applying 12 volts to pin P and measuring...
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    Trying to figure out no spark, no injector pulse problem......

    Hello All, I have been trying to trace down a no spark, no injector pulse issue. I have traced it down to the fact that with the key on, I am not getting a voltage to either the crank sensor or the cam sensor. I do have battery voltage at pin M and P of the ignition module.connector. Where...
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    Plugs under dash. where do they go?

    I have been looking for a good under dash wiring harness schematic. That one on is just too small to read. Does anyone have a good source for all the detailed wiring harness schematics with circuit number and wire color?
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    Rear Bumper Filler Question

    Gbodys filler project Quote from Brian at GBody, "When ours get done we are hoping to have the closest appearing filler to factory as possible. We are not rushing this & plan on presenting a quality control that can fit on every car & look factory when installed. Do I have an exact date no I...
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    Where to get hardened pin for cam sensor gear?

    Thanks for the suggestion:) Wade at BOP engineering is hooking me up. Thanks, Lorenzo
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    Where to get hardened pin for cam sensor gear?

    I set up my oil pump to tight and siezed it. :frown: It sheared the pin on the cam sensor gear, Where can I get another hardened roll pin for it? Thanks, Lorenzo
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    hey yall,where would ya get a new dipstick? Give them a call, they are a supporting vendor for this site:)
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    anyone want to check my coil and module Check out this thread esp. post #16 from GNVenom, he makes tester for the coil and ignition module. HTH Lorenzo
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    anyone want to check my coil and module

    Check with Jstahl, My module went out monday and I am buying one plus coil pack from him. He test them before he ships them. Might want to PM him and ask him if he will check yours. What brand module and coil do you have? HTH Lorenzo
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    VETS... its that time of year again

    USMC 1991-2001 1341 Heavy Equipment Mechanic (first 6) lat moved to 2141 Amphibious Assault Vehicle Mechanic (last 4) Thanks to all who served and those who are serving now:)
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    Stupid question?

    Ditto with Roger, I always thought in the engine compartment was never a good place for the translator. I have had their since the second week I got. HTH Lorenzo
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    bumper fillers?

    Hello, G-body parts is doing a mold of the fillers. I believe these will be fiberglass. The big rumor is Richard Clark is also doing the fillers. These are (don't Quote Me on this;)) supposed to be made out of a flexible Urethane type material that won't break down over time like the...
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    F-16 vs. Tree

    Sart at 2:20 to miss annoying music, 2:28 is where the impact is. Watch it from there to the end. F-16 vs. Tree | :eek: It's amazing he survived!!!!!! I would hate to be in his shoes when he has to explain his actions. I picture that scene from Top Gun where Maverick and Goose...
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    throttle body

    They are there to keep the TB from freezing. I looped the two connections since I don't forsee it snowing in southern California anytime soon:) HTB, Lorenzo
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    Check out this track:0

    Behold the greatest Hot Wheels track in human history - From the Marbles - NASCAR*Blog - Yahoo! Sports That is just awesome, It's kinda long, but he did it for charity. I especially like the hot tub jump around 2:30 ish:) I cannot wait till my son is old enough to get into hot wheels tracks.:D
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    No more spark plugs?

    Plasma Bursts Could Replace Sparks In Car Engines | Fox News A little plasma power for the GN:biggrin:
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    gm billboards around detroit...........

    Chevy Billboards in Detroit, Michigan I think they are pretty cool.