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    Scanmaster as a gauge

    very cool
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    1987 Grand National Sale/Trade

    Still for sale? Im located on Tinker NVM, I see its sold
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    87 GN SE Va.

    I had posted good luck with the sale, then I went back and saw you sold it, oops
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    9 sec 86 T type $18995

    wow, thats a nice car.... BUMP
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    1987 WE4 *MINT*- lots of PICS

    bump for a VERY nice car!!! GLWS
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    87 White Turbo-T in Chicago $8000 reserve (relisted on ebay)

    I love these cars in white, bump for a beautiful car
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    auto meter gages question

    I used the auto meter ones for both . There should be 2 for the coolant. 1 is for the stock gauge and the other is for the PCM to read. I put the auto meter one for the coolant on the front L/S of the intake...Im pretty sure that was the one is used. No issues
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    pressure back through radiator!

    Mine was pressurizing the coolant too. My heads were lifting @ 10-12 PSI. I took off the steel shims and put Fel Pros on.
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    ?those of you with th400 and transbreak?

    After chewing up 2 built 200's, nope. I put a TCI TH400, FMRV and an Ultrabell, night and day difference. No regrets, except for putting the 200 back in the 2nd time
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    Latest addition to the stable

    wow thats nice!!!!!!!!!!! Be glad to trade you for some ARVN rifles. Never been fired and only dropped once.
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    Couple pics of my S281AF

    these were from qualifying at Ford vs Buick in Noble.....
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    Modine Bulletnose FMIC

    PM sent
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    Modine Bulletnose FMIC

    T t t
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    Modine Bulletnose FMIC

    Its new, but has been sitting around awhile. A couple small blemishes but no holes or leaks. Its just about the same size as my old PTE FMIC. Has a 3" thick core, 2 3/4 inlet/outlets. The core is 23" x 13" and overall width is 26" Asking $250 + shipping
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    NOBLE pictures

    Thats Category 6
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    NOBLE pictures

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    Committment list for Noble 2009

    The score was Buicks 53, and Ford 32.... Very nice showing guys! Wow, do I really miss my GN now, thanks. It was great talking to the few I ran into. Was also cool to see my old GN engine out there running and whoopin some azz. Had a great time! Thanks MSBOOST for putting the hurtin on me...
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    need gauge advice

    I had all electric gauges excpet the boost/vac.... boost/vac knock retard fuel pressure egt rpm water temp oil press
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    Committment list for Noble 2009

    I am a member over there on OKGMP also, if thats the one you are talking about. I am just going to have fun, dont plan on getting any wins as I cant drive this car for sh*t. Wish I still had my Buick. :( I will see you out there!
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    Committment list for Noble 2009

    Are you guys putting your screen names in your car somwhere to be recognizable? I'm going to be down there but unfortunately on the Ford team. But I would like to meet some of you guys that I talked to when I had my GN, bcak in the day :biggrin: You wont be able to miss me, I will be in the...