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    GNX for sale at Mecum this weekend

    Hi bid was $75k, seller wants 90-100k.
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    WTB: TTA Valve covers/plenum/intake

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    WTB: TTA Valve covers/plenum/intake

    Hi, I'm looking for a set a valve covers, upper plenum, and intake for a TTA. Thanks,
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    looking to buy this TTA

    Very nice, congrats on the new ride.
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    Retired from US Air Force yesterday

    Enjoy your time off and thank you for your service.
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    No July 4, Car Show

    That was my favorite show of the year :( Do you guys get together anywhere else during the year??
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    Anyone only able to make girls

    Exact opposite here, we have two boys and just found out we are expecting are third child. To early to tell if its a boy or girl.
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    can't make BG, bought a house instead.

    Congrats on the purchase.:smile:
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    US currency, because I'm currently short the Euro :smile:
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    My new sweet heart!

    Congrats and god bless
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    GM will be Building this new vehicle, Per OBAMA

    Are dubs an option????
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    help-wife wants to become massage therapist

    PLEASE don't compare PHYSICIANS to message therapist!!!!!!
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    Most expensive GN w/42K miles

    It's still there, the last couple of years it has made a come back with cars.
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    My New Daily Driver has arrived!

    I starting to like those cars more and more after viewing this thread. What do you guys the of the Firehawk version?? 500hp and runs 12.5's!!
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    What are you listening too

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    TTA parts for sale (Cheap) inside

    Thanks Payment sent
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    Tips or no tips?

    Keep'em on +1 on the tips, I love the stock look.
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    Take some pictures right before the car is going to be painted!!!!!! This way if you ever decide to sell it the buyer knows that you were not trying to cover things up. A set just went you on ebay today.
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    Once again. I HATE THIS FU**ING CAR!!!!!

    They can be a PITA at times, but when they run right its a sweet time. Have fun at the wedding and tomorrow buy a bigger hammer.:biggrin: