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    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    While still in HS I just finished restoring my(was my dad's for 15yrs) 72 Buick GS Stratomist Blue, before my senior yr, 89' Was driving that completed for about 6 months before some A hole ran into the back of it while parked on the side of the road :mad: and totaled it..:cry: Being a Buick...
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    Street outlaws

    Seems like the show makes sure the NO guys have a big home field advantage. They have probably been down that road a 100 times and know exactly how much power the road can handle. I don't remember seeing the NO guys go on the road to other states like the the OKC guys did, probably because...
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    GNX sold at Mecum

    I believe they get 7% seller, 6% buyer, 2 points less with no reserve Market is soft for the GNX right now, the other GNX that didn't sell earlier in the week had a poster in the car with examples of two other GNX's that sold last year for over $100k, his stopped at $70k I believe one guy was...
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    GNX sold at Mecum

    Was there on Saturday, even thou they were almost flawless(headliner and visors had major sags) they just don't look it compared to the other cars there with nice new deep finished paint jobs. Glass wasn't that clean because of keeping the crayon writing on the glass, same thing with the tires...
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    New Vette!!!!!!!

    Most but not all :D Buick at heart but you can't deny their potential, Love my now old C5 Like everything about the C7 but the front opening and the Camaro rear end:rolleyes:
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    Buicks @Mecum

    For the price of a headliner(around $150) and the price to install ($150??) I would have done it to a $80k + car before going to the auction, maybe they want to show its all original for the next owner to fix? I did the headliner in my Ttype last year and its not too dificult, just takes time...
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    Buicks @Mecum

    Some nice low mi Buicks crossing the blocks in Kissimmee, FL Mecum Auction Jan18-27 Lucky enough to be on vacation in Orlando during that week:D and will be stopping in hopefully on the big $ Saturday to drool over cars I can't afford:( Among the many awsome cars there...
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    Just who did we bail out?

    All the GM LS3 engines are built in either Mexico or Ontario, Buick Regals made in Germany, Cadillac SRX's made in Mexico, ect,ect The Hyundai I just bought, engine made in USA, car assembled in USA, trans in Korea:rolleyes:
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    anyone wanna photoshop my wheels for me?

    Always like the way this one looked;) Not exactly ProStars but close in style You can also try spraypainting them using PlastiDip, you can peel it off when your done but its only in flat black.
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    You Know You Drive A Turbo Buick When...

    The mechanic inspecting it sees the dump pipe, shakes his head, and slaps the sticker on it anyway. You keep telling your wife "its going to be a collector car one day worth twice as much"
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    2012 Buick LaCrosse 1/4 Times

    No 3800lb FWD car with 249HP is doing 12.9, would think 15.9 is more like it. Look at the Sonata, 3400lbs with 275HP is doing 14.5 BTW, I just picked up a 2.0T Sonata Limited last month to replace my dying 98GS, nice overall car with some spunk, especially at highway speeds:D
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    Paintng Car trailer options

    The paint on my car trailer has seen better days and is starting to rust so I'm looking for some ideas\recomendations on painting my 18' full metal deck open Big Tex car trailer. I plan to sandblast the little remaining paint off the deck along with the surface rust. I have been looking at...
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    Fck you Ebay---taking $$$ out of PAYPAL

    Yes- the fees are getting stupid, when I sell a $2000 item I have like $250 in fees between the two. If you try and place an add with the words MoneyOrder , Bank Transfer, Western Union it will reject the listing until those words are removed almost forcing you to accept Paypal and their fees...
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    Bumper fillers - ABS vs. fiberglass

    Also have the Danko's, fronts were a good fit, the rears were a little off in certain places. If your looking for perfect fit you will need to do some work to these but a driver type car these are fine.
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    86 Gn What is it worth?

    Parts car:( Unless your very ambitious or have a parts car with a decent interior available, $2-3k, who rebuilt the engine and trans? I've seen much better cars on here that were parted out and could have been saved, wonder how bad the frame and underneath items could be:rolleyes:
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    You sure you want some of that.....

    Not as common as the S/C setups and atleast $1k more, some have the STS rear mount setup with about the same HP as the S/C.
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    Pontiac GTP Help

    Jack that side up and see if there is any play in the wheel, I know on mine I have much more play on the side I'm replacing then the other side where the bearing and tie rod was done over a year ago, but sometimes its hard to tell just by doing this test. If its original and your car has higher...
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    Pontiac GTP Help

    When I had I think that same problem with the GS it was the stock plug wires, I replaced the coil packs at the same time also, both MSD. Your vibration is most likely one of your axle\wheel bearings going or possibly your tie rod going out, mine vibrates above 65mph. I just ordered both for...
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    You sure you want some of that.....

    The typicall supercharger kit($6,500) to a stock C5 usually gets 550rwhp with a complete exaust. Heads and cam on top of that- another 100hp ? After that it gets really expensive:eek: Seriously thinking about one of these kits on my 04' next year:biggrin:
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    New part new problem

    I tend to hear it alot less in my GN that has a cold air kit which puts the K&N down behind the front lights then in my TType that has the 14" K&N in the engine compartment.