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    Complete 109 for sale

    I feel I need to say this the headers turbo and valve covers are not included the last pic wasn't supposed to be posted
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    Complete 109 for sale

    Indiana 31 miles north of Louisville
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    Complete 109 for sale

    Standard bore 109 2 steel caps stock rods pistons and a 10 10 crank .210 hyd roller ported heads cometic head gaskets harland sharp rocker arms fresh valve job .hv front cover roller timing chain ported intake and doghouse 60mm TV new rings bearings all fresh it's in my car it can be driven as...
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    109 Short Block, 020JE's, Oliver Rods For Sale

    I'm interested in the rods and pistons
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    Raising compression/e85

    Earlbrown tell me more about the custom pistons
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    I am selling off all PTS Xtreme's old inventory.

    Looking for a center support tool
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    Stock appearing fiberglass Doors

    Are these the doors bo had for sale
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    NEW 8.5 Posi Carrier

    How many spline
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    Eaton 30spline posi

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    Eaton 30spline posi

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    Anyone ever blew a cometic head gasket

    Yep that's how I got the name That's how I got the name
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    Anyone ever blew a cometic head gasket

    Just asking curious if it can be done I had an issue Saturday made a pass car filled with smoke oil everywhere dead cyl and a pop pop pop used cometic with studs .they held good at 48 pounds I guess 49 was too much
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    Champion Off-Center Intake

    Ported to 1200 Fel Pro?
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    JE pistons

    I'll do 300$
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    NHL balancer

    Autocorrect should be BHJ
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    NHL balancer

    looking for a BHJ balancer
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    New K1 Technologies Buick 6" H-Beam Rods

    You have pm
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    Ta hd shafts and rockers