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    front wheel lug nuts need replaced

    When that happened to me, I just got new rotors. They're like $25.
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    T56 Swap

    If the Syclone can do it, why can't we?
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    T56 Swap

    Finally someone is doing this swap, there are so many nay-sayers on here, I never thought it was going to get done. To be honest, I've been getting a little bored with my car lately and have been dreaming of a manual in the GN, but without having to swap in an LS.
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    Car dies and won't restart

    Funny, because I have an LS MAF on here that is only about 5 years old (maybe 7k miles). I thought they were supposed to last longer than that.
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    Car dies and won't restart

    Happened twice to me, both times without a scantool on me. So I drive the car around for about five or so minutes. When I come up to a stoplight, I can hear the idle drop down lower than normal. When I go to accelerate, it just stumbles without RPM's climbing or gaining speed, then dies...
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    I just got back from OZ 2 months ago. Victoria is really nice and I would have loved to have a reason to go there again. Sorry to hear though.
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    The first Regal? It was built in America.

    I would love to rock one of those. Then I could have 2 Regals in the garage.
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    What gauges are important to you?

    I've never heard of that instrument panel before but I will say that it's kinda cool. Not $1010 cool, but still cool.
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    Weird no start issue.

    Haha, I was wondering was they were. What would explain this?
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    Weird no start issue.

    Awesome, I was looking for this. Before I saw this, I was just out trying to troubleshoot the problem and I decided to take a look at the two relays on the drivers side wheel well. It looks like the plastic around the plugs are a bit fried, but it looks like it could be some black sealant or...
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    Weird no start issue.

    Those are all good. Power to starter is the same as at the battery.
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    Weird no start issue.

    So, I have a weird problem. My car was in storage for three years while I was overseas. I just got back a few days ago and changed all the fluids/filters and the car started right up like it had been started yesterday. I couldn't believe it. So I went out there today to diagnose an AC issue...
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    Man Sprays, Kills Spider - Look What Comes Out!

    I hate nature.
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    My grandpa's birthday is on December 21st. I've been telling him for the last 5 years that he's going to turn out to be the Antichrist. I think he welcomes this possible turn of events, lol.
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    What is your second favorite car?

    No contest, if I could I would own a Ferrari F40 or XJ220. If I had to drive the car, it would be a new Nissan GTR.
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    Rant on veggie's

    It's funny you say that because even here in socialist Australia (I'm an American btw) all the produce comes from Australia EXCEPT for Oranges (California) and Asparagus (Mexico). As far as all the other items in the local grocery stores, they mostly (like 90%) are made in Australia. Not only...
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    Slp bringing back the gn and gnx, PLEASE DONT

    So SLP owns the names "GN" and "GNX"? Time for brand name raping.
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    Fine no one wants to bring it up i WILL!

    I love unusual stuff and these cars are not Camaros and Mustangs. I find it hard to resist getting into things like that, da*m the expense. For example, someone recently posted about some goofy AWD Isuzu from the early 90's and I got total wood for it. I don't care about the value of my toys...
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    got wrote today

    Wow, how did you swing that?