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    Scanmaster 2.1 For Sale

    Tufftone777; Pending sale, I willl let you know if it does not go through, thanks for looking, Ben
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    Scanmaster 2.1 For Sale

    cml87type, Sent you a PM, Yes it works fine, Would ship Tuesday morning first thing USPS ground, Everything you need is included, Easy to hook up. Thanks, -Ben
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    Scanmaster 2.1 For Sale

    Scanmaster 2.1 for sale, $200 shipped to your door, paypal or money order will work. Thanks, Ben
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    Whats left of it

    How much for posi unit and passenger side axle to 46962? Thanks, Ben
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    Parting Out 87 Touring T-type

    Do you have a posi unit and passenger side axle, and if so how much to 46962? Thanks, Ben
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    Tons of parts for sale 86 87 GNs getting parted

    How much for a posi rear end and the passenger side axle shipped to 46962? Thanks, Ben
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    to much boost?

    You can do a search and get exact detailed info and maybe some diagrams but the hose from the waste gate gos to the boost solenoid if I’m not mistaken. There are two connections on the boost solenoid and you must get the right one. I would check all of your hoses and make sure they are tight...
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    CarFax Please

    Send me ur other address, the one on the post Im not sure if it has an under score and hotmail didnt go threw on your account. later, ben
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    CarFax Please

    I sent one to ur hotmail, later, Ben
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    Car Fax please

    well I have been there;), Hope this helps, Ben
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    carfax info wanted

    I still have one I think,\ Ben
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    Vin check for tb member

    Send me your #, I have a subscription still going ;) , -Olie000
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    Need carfax, anyone help?

    I think I still have a subscription to carfax so send me ur #, -Olie000
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    thoughts on hooker exhaust

    I just bought an 86 Ttype with no mufflers and straight exhaust Y'd from the down pipe threw two 2 1\2" tailpipes. I also have another 86 Ttype just the same but with the hooker mufflers. I don’t know exactly what series hooker mufflers I'm running but there are only slight differences...
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    ? Red light under steering column ?

    Thanks for your reply! I think you are right....And yes I would like to install keyless entry/remote start as I have power locks on this Ttype. I've heard it can be a real task so I dont know if I'm up for tackling that project...?/> But an alarm system all together is exactly what you...