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    I have not received it. Any update?
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    FS: injectors, tranlator, MAF sensor , chip

    Next in line for maf/trans combo. PayPal ready.
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    ill give you $40 shipped
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    PARTING 6 CARS 2-87 GN's 1-87 Turbo T 1-87 Limited 1-83 Regal Lots of pics

    I need a map sensor plug. Mine was cut and is gone. Any chance you have one?
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    another alky install question

    bringing this one back from the dead....installing my alchy kit and the plug that is supposed to go to the 3 bar map is cut. I found the wires. What are my options.
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    42lb/hr injector set with TT matched chip fs

    I am hoping to get $200 for them. Brand new.
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    42lb/hr injector set with TT matched chip fs

    precision turbo brand. Unused in plastic case. I can email pics top anyone interested. Make me an offer, when I bought my car it came with these injectors and chip. I have the 60lb/hr injectors and chip in the car and will not need these. Shipping would be from south florida. I am new on this...
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    Dyno/tuning in South Florida

    Looking for a good shop to do some tuning on my car. Anyone good down here. I'm in Broward.
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    OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

    really like the look of the RTS wheels on these cars. What size will work on the 18" wheels with no modifications. I saw someone running 18x9 front with 4.75 bs and 18x10 rear with 4.75 bs.
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    anyone know this car in S florida

    thinking about looking at this car on saturday. Anyone know the car? I am in the market for a car around 15k, seems like a good deal.