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    FS Wrecked 87GN

    Is this car still available? And does it come with any parts or as it sits? And has it been leaking any water since sitting ?
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    GS Nats 2015

    Congratulations Sean!
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    Focus ST

    Have you considered one of the new Buick regal T's. My wife had one as a rental it surprised me very spunky. Rode well and average mpg around town was 26 with almost 30 hwy. Just a thought.
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    Out of the..

    Praying all is well Chuck. I had a resection about a year and a half it was tough right after the surgery but it gets better just relax and enjoy your time off. I pray for a speedy recover.
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    BG 2013 Updates

    Thanks i hated to hear that.
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    BG 2013 Updates

    So its over for today? Or the whole event is done?
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    TSM - John Plog-8 second run

    I cant see the video
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    which one do i need- A TIG or a MIG ?

    I would look at the miller 211 or the hobart 210 mpv, Either will do all that you need to do and they will run on 110 or 220 and you can also get a spool gun to do some aluminum. I hope that this helps.
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    rest in peace TURBOCLIFF

    Sorry to hear this I just found out my prayers are with his family.
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    RICHIEHIGHSPI Bradenton Florida

    I cannot get video link to work. Is the video some where else
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    Theft Warning

    My son there was something about the theft of billy Ts car and others on news channel5.
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    1987 Buick Redo :)

    Body Jig Thanks for the info will contact him.
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    1987 Buick Redo :)

    Body jig I like the jig for the body, Did you make it? Interested in knowing more about it. What size tubing ect. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    gs nationals

    He's 15
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    gs nationals

    I just noticed that my son had posted on the board using my account.He is just a little excited about the cars and has been watching some of my old GS national tapes and seeing all of the cars from the previous years he"s wondering why there has been so few in attendance the last couple of...
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    87 gn hardtop

    whos kev and no
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    87 maroon T-Type

    i live close im in lavergne tn keep me posted i would like it solid
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    Trade 1987 WE4 10,000 original miles Built

    can i see some pics of the car