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    Digital Dash, Fiberglass Fillers, Stock Intercooler, and TONS of other misc parts

    Is the dash harness from a digital dash or analog dash car? Thanks in advance!
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    For those who have removed driver's side wiring channel......

    I didn't do a true tuck on mine, but my friend and I did remove a TON of wiring and did a little bit of hiding including the under-the-intake trick. It's not done by any means, and I still want to re-locate the battery, and re-wrap the whole thing. We removed cruise, wiper sprayers, I broke off...
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    My new least its Turbo!

    Even fancier, the Lotus Elan of the same time. I saw one for sale near the in-laws' place the other day. What a bunch of awesomely-hideous little cars. I debated selling my Lexus for a while and picking up an old Geo Storm to AutoX with, but I think I'll stick with the SC since she's been so...
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    My new least its Turbo!

    That is awesome! I first learned of this car about a year ago, and really thought it sounded like a fun little rocket. Let us know how you enjoy it. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for it?
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    oil pressure

    I now feel good about my oil pressure. I have similar numbers and was worried they were too high cold and too low hot.
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    Cleaning up engine compartment, how to delete stock engine harness?

    I did this previous winter/spring. It is not easy, but it is doable. Depending on how much you want to delete. We ended up cutting a hole in the middle of the firewall. If you go to the electrical forum, I believe it's still in the first 2 pages. Hope that helps, feel free to send any questions!
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    Squeaky alternator, could that cause other problems?

    Didn't even realize the window thing. Thanks! I'm using A/C delete, so I stepped down to a 63" belt, stock is 63.5? FWIW, I did put on a 62.5 and had the same issue.
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    Squeaky alternator, could that cause other problems?

    I assume my tensioner is going bad, but I wanted to check. My alternator is also quite squeaky. Could that cause enough resistance occasionally to make the tensioner jump? It seems somewhat logical, especially since the tensioner feels normal otherwise. It only seems to happen at or around idle...
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    Cleaning up / moving wiring, anyone done it before?

    Well, I got good news and terrible news. Good news: All the wiring seems to work flawlessly. The car starts and idles pretty damn well, might need a little adjustment though. I got a belt on there, and the car really seems to be doing pretty decent. I even took it for a drive! Bad news...
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    lets play where do these under the dash plugs go

    Pic 1: Not 100% sure, I assume something A/C related Pic 2: That's the C437 connector (bottom half of this page GN T-Type Connectors Pic 3: Not sure, probably also A/C related. (I have gutted A/C, so I'm not much help on some of them, haha) Pic 4: Speed sensor buffer. It has 2 plugs...
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    Heating and fan Trouble need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know anything about the Racetronics setup, but it sounds like it runs through the factory harness. Since you said both fans are known to be good, it sounds like one of the fan relays is just not functioning correctly. I don't have the book in front of me at the moment, but I know one of...
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    Cleaning up / moving wiring, anyone done it before?

    Welp, Tibbett came over because he was bored, and I got finished wrapping the dash harness and slapped it into place. Right now it doesn't look pretty, but it's in there. We tried to start her, but it was cranking and not firing. No spark. Then Tibbett looked over at the ignition module and saw...
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    Spotted in Muncie, whose is it?

    I was driving back from the parts store and spotted this one. She's looking real good, don't stink it up with the mexican food!
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    Cleaning up / moving wiring, anyone done it before?

    It's been a couple of days, just thought I'd check in and let you know that I've started wrapping the harness (used harness type tape instead of electrical, hopefully it turns out better). While I was out of town, Tibbett stopped by and killed off 2 rolls of the tape because he was bored, so...
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    Cleaning up / moving wiring, anyone done it before?

    So with the harness hooked together like that. I hooked up my positive battery cable (in an equally awful looking way), along with everything else. SES light, fuel pump, starter all seem to work just fine. Not sure if I'm getting fuel or spark (fuel pressure doesn't seem to be dropping with...
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    !@#$%^& fan, help!!!

    He could always disconnect the fan from power, chop of pigtails of the connectors (for later), and wire it to a switch in the mean time. Then when he gets the money or the time, wire the pigtails back in with whatever new setup he gets.
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    Cleaning up / moving wiring, anyone done it before?

    Well, I did some of my last few solders last night (noticed I forgot one near the fuseblock later in the evening). And I started putting it back in the car. It fits great, if anything, it's a little too long. I scared the crap out of myself thinking I had confused the Dir/Haz connector with the...
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    Better wiring for power windows?

    I'm not sure if something else is out there, but one of our vendors sells this: Turbo Window Express
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    A really basic question

    Yep C100 = Fuse Block Bulkhead. The diagram on that one is (if I remember right off the top of my head) the engine bay side. If the plugs are off, it would be the female end. The numbering system on that is still weird to me.