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    problems opening new buick manual.

    wiked87gn, If you aren't successfull, try getting B's Recorded Gold software. There is a block for iso 'drag-in's'. I used it no problem. Minimize the program, drag the icon off the desktop (if that is where youi placed it) and drag it over the bottom tool bar. The program will appear back...
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    ATTN: Tim Hall about your service manual

    Thanks Jeremy, mail controls are keeping you out. I found my problem, and the manual is loaded on a disc. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for keeping in touch. That was a good job on the manual - thank you for all the effort that must have gone into it! :)
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    Lets talk about the danger of Propane!

    That's true TurboBuickSix and it was not a voluntay test I can tell you that for sure. :) Never say never of course, but, as has already been pointed out, the impact requires to breach a propane tank is severe. (also takes about 500* F. to pop the release valve) If it's mounted on he shelf...
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    New (used) SMC kit - Need advice

    Yeah Steve is a great guy. I'm sure he has the directions 'on tap' and could E-Mail them to you.
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    Is Check Valve Needed In Diy System?

    Hey Paul, here is an idea for the hobbs switch. You don't need to mount it, but check out the 'project boxes' at Radio shack. Plastic, and in various sizes they can be drilled out for the wiring and hoses you need to enter it. I use RTV to attach the Hobbs to the bottom of the box. Once you have...
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    Smc Pump Flow Test

    This is getting a bit off topic...:) but as you know by using the RMS of a sine wave the equipment that runs off it will run cooler, and more efficiently. In cable this is accomplished with the use of an electrolytic capacitor that discharges as .707 is reached creating a flat top to the sine...
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    Here is a Rustang guy trying to give back. DIY parts list

    Yes I see your point with the scaling.. Hey wouldn't it be great if someone could make an adjustable nozzle that works like a garden hose nozzle. You know go from stream to a fine mist? That would be very cool!!
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    New here need help with alky!

    I agree with the above post. :) Sure you can DIY, but that kit has tunability that your DIY kit doesn't. Sure you spend more, but the value is there. I believe Steve has a tank for the trunk. That is the way to go...
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    Smc Pump Flow Test

    Razor is the Pulse Width Wodulation a way of limiting (or increasing)voltage by 'clipping' off the top of the sine wave in order to control voltage? If so would it take an RMS meter to get a true voltage reading? Is this more like square wave stuff, or am I way off track? Go ahead, I...
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    Here is a Rustang guy trying to give back. DIY parts list

    :) Ideas make the world around! BTW I saved the link for other members, and it will get posted again. Tho' I think the accumulator is over kill, The pressure guage is certainly the right idea. I agree it isn't needed to have the guage, some kind of warning light in it's place would be...
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    Here is a Rustang guy trying to give back. DIY parts list

    Thanks Gary! Terrific job, and one of the nicest I've seen. Let this be a lesson to the shmucks that give Ford drivers a hard time!! :) You really need to let us know how this worked out for you. I'm curious as to wwhy you went the water route. Are you planning on adding alchy (meth)...
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    One Stop Parts For Diy Alky

    That's not too bad. You can go 2 stage for another 55 bucks. Even with getting a tank, and more hose you should come under $350. This is the way to go esp. if you want to put a large tank in the trunk. A few years back I remember a vendor wanting $550 for a two stage. One question that...
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    How much heat will the Water/alch remove?

    Maybe you will find the answer in the thread 'alcohol properties' below. If not try the search feature. It's at the top of the board ICYDK..:)
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    Sneak Peak

    Hey Razor that is sounding great! 1650 is the 'Razor's Edge :) for me when it comes to knock... How much alchy are you using in a quarter now? Thought I remembered 10-12 ounces before? You rock!:cool:
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    12v source for relay

    Cool! :) Always good to get these kind of tips!
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    Alcohol properties

    Here is a post contributed by Steve Wood and contains materials from several sources. Great for anyone that is looking for some sound theory, and a peek at what Steve Yaklis is doing with alchy. It is interesting as to how much alchy he sprays (18 percent of the final mix) and the way he drops...
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    Massive backfiring, car hard to start

    TurboTer, I had the exact same problem, run for 5 minutes, then backfire through the intake. The problem was the crank sensor. If the problem is not fuel related do this... Check to see that the interrupter rings in the pulley are not touching the sensor. Check through all 3 rings...
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    ok me TUNE this smc alky kit!

    d0n_3d Sometimes the simple solutions are the ones that avoid us. Of course you may have gotten a bad batch of gas. I'm chasing a knock problem right now, and the first thing I did was spike the gas with some toulene. Good first step :) BTW, how much boost can you normally run without more...
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    4.1 question

    I'm guerssing you want to do some research on building these motors? Click 'seacrh at the top of the page, and enter 4.1. Also go to where this has been covered a lot. For less then $200 you can get a set of hypers AND the rings from Summit. They are however a very...
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    ok me TUNE this smc alky kit!

    First what the heck are you doing running 22 psi with all that stock stuff? Secondly you are not making that much more, if any more power trying to stretch the limits of the stock turbo that far. If you were making power in that range, the rest of us would go back to the stockers.. The...