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    Dynotech Eric Shertz's car

    Just going back in time and was curious what ever happened to his car and parts I believe the hood and fenders were in Connecticut If anyone knows I was just curious Thanks
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    Washer pump not working

    Just curious whats the part number
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    Washer pump not working

    I haven't started messing with it to see if something is disconnected or if its just no good. On rock auto there are two part numbers for AC Delco ACDELCO 86704 {#89001116} Professional Info ACDELCO 22049373 GM Original Equipment The pumps look the same though any help greatly appreciated
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    I had a guy who was going to help fix it at the house, but family emergency he had to go back to Florida. Back to square one
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    I got my fingers crossed on going currently the car has NO brakes !
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    1987 GN braking issues

    So I moved the car out of storage a few months ago. I noticed the brake fluid was like a tan color. Since it was in storage I could not do any repairs on the car so I removed all the fluid as best as I could (yep turkey baster) put in fresh fluid and drove the car about 2 miles to my house...
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    Remote Oil Filter Gasket turbo saver leaking

    My car is leaking from the gasket where the remote filter attaches (or so the mechanic says) Is there a place I can get this replacement gasket from ?
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    Spoolfool's all new spoiler give away photo contest!

    I just ordered from Kirban dang it I just saw this .
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    Replacement calipers? Brake proportion valve?

    I got the proportioning valve ordered from Kirban. They don't have the calipers though I'll scout for them now
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    Replacement calipers? Brake proportion valve?

    I sold my Century GS to Bob and my regal and ended up buying the Regal back to make it a 455 car . I've been dealing with him for parts at least 15 years I think he keeps his name secret to avoid the acura guys
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    Replacement calipers? Brake proportion valve?

    ya I'm going to check with him in the morning I need to get this fixed asap I'm going to have to take a day off of work to get it into the shop which sucks
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    Replacement calipers? Brake proportion valve?

    Also if you read my post and not just concentrated on my signature it clearly says I checked Rock and that I was asking for help as to which one to choose
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    Replacement calipers? Brake proportion valve?

    Dennis does not have calipers listed on his website besides Baer which is out of my price range but I will check with him on the valve tomorrow
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    Replacement calipers? Brake proportion valve?

    You dont know who he is ? He is a moderator and a paying vendor under intercooled88s (Bob Hebert) Thanks for your help I prefer to get the part local from a local store in case I have to return it asap
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    Replacement calipers? Brake proportion valve?

    I wanted to bleed the brakes on the GN the front bleeders are both rusted. I wanted to replace the front calipers, but autozone and advance have crap, my local guy has centric but they dont come with pads for $35 plus $30 core charge Rock auto has delco, centric, raybestos and a1-cardone for...
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    PARTING 6 CARS 2-87 GN's 1-87 Turbo T 1-87 Limited 1-83 Regal Lots of pics

    I'll shoot you an email I see some hoods ?
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    ARE/ GNX look alikes F/S F/T

    any pictures of them on the car?
  18. P today's profile picture ... happy belated birthday
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    donating a vehicle

    would never do it years ago you could say my car is worth 5 grand and get a percentage of that now you get a percentage of what they sell the car for which could be scrap which would be a percentage of under $500 .... its easier and more cost beneficial to call a tow truck company or get it to a...