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    Used Main Caps, Cam Cap, Crank & Water Pulley, old clearance for cheap

    I’ll take the main caps if not sold… best
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    Buick Performance Shops in TX

    have you tried to turn the cam sensor 180 degrees? I have often made that mistake.
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    Wtb stock uppipe

    do you care if it's 100% stock? if you buy a 2.5" 90 degree intercooler pipe off of amazon, it's almost an exact match.
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    FAST classic grey box o2's

    This an old thread but yes, fast sells an "option file" that can be enabled in the box to accept a replacement non-keyed O2... it's like $45.
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    Wheel well fuel cell

    with stock sender or without? I have one without I may be letting go.. it seeps sometimes with q16 though.. I haven’t figured out where or why.. epoxy sealed the lower fitting on but doesn’t seem to be it.
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    TTA Junk Head

    I believe I have 2.. not necessarily junk.. but empty.. where are you located>
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    Looking for both h&r motor mounts and rear lower tubular control arms.

    I've got some TRZ single adjustables.. brand new..... best
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    Need transmission

    twisting those splines are pretty rare.. why not ust get it rebuilt?
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    PTE 62 exhaust/turbine housing .63 A/R

    I actually have interest in this if you still have it? pm me? is easiest.
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    I'm looking for a working adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

    how about a new accufab?
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    WTD: 7675 Gen II or 7685 GenII Precision Turbo

    I think you should step to at least the 7685 gen2
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    Tachometer wanted

    how about a nice autometer? $75.
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    89 Pontiac TTA Stash of parts

    I think I need some of the parts.. but i don’t know what they all are since they are missing from my current restore.. can you send pics by chance?
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    Venting Gas Tank

    Ok wild one here.... 10s on a TA49? How many runs? Car still around?
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    Selling my Hardtop TTA

    Is this still for sale? I know someone looking for one.
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    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    Thanks shorter than i need
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    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    can you measure the length from ujoint centers?
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    Cold weather engine miss

    What’s the whole story.. ils it one day it started and next day it acted up? Or are we talking something that sat for awhile at all? Try unplugging o2 and starting?
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    Glasstek Fiberglass hood for sale

    Still have hood for sale... I also have two sets of blazer spindles and brake Setups.. pick up or meet up only... $250 for 100% stock set. (I think that’s the going rate) $350 for set coming off my car with drilled and slotted rotors and pads.. only used for like less than 2 miles.. but used...
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    FAST XFI Sportsman

    module by itself... Ill take $425 shipped... theres other stuff in pics for sale too