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    Retro car stereos?

    The original is gone. It was replaced with a old audiovox tape player that does not work. On ebay they are about $159-229 shipped but not sure about the sound.
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    Retro car stereos?

    Anyone used a stereo from Custom auto sounds? I'm looking for a stereo for my wife's 66 mustang and would like to keep it looking original. Just looking for feedback on their sound and quality. Anyone know if any vendors here sell them?
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    Kids 4-wheeler... how young?

    I had my first boy on a Kawasaki kfx50 at 4. The Suzuki and Kawasaki 50s were physically smaller then the other brand 50s. They are great machines and close in size to the powerwheels. I found a basketcase predator 90 this spring, tore it down and rebuilt it with my now 9 year old. The kfx50 was...
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    Great transaction and a great product. I bought the front fillers from him. They fit and look good as they are shipped, the gel coat looks close enough for a driver until I paint the car. They arrived when expected. I will watch for future products from Mike and will use his one piece rear...
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    Good easy transaction that bailed me out when I found I needed a new bumper shock after pulling my bumper to replace my grill and bumpers fillers. I also picked up a set of visors from him. I would recommend checking his list of parts he hoarded in the for sale section if you need anything.
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    Spoolfool's new front bumper fillers for sale.

    I just finished installing front fillers (set #96). All the holes lined up and was an easy install. My bumper was off while changing to the correct 87 grill and replacing a bad bumper shock. They look great and will stay in gel coat until I'm ready to paint the rest of the car. Thanks for a well...
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    How do I PM someone?

    Thank You Paul, It's been awhile and I wasn't sure.
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    How do I PM someone?

    Feeling a little stupid right now. Is a conversation a private message now?
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    Help us build "Nasty Wendy 2"- AKA "The Phonix"

    Thanks Coach & Scott for giving us the chance to help.
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    Question about cheaper than dirt and sights?

    Good to know the quality won't very by the different warehouses. The above sights won't work since mine is not a same plain but I plan on ordering sights or a scope before the weekend. My 12g needs it's red dot back.
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    Question about cheaper than dirt and sights?

    I'm looking for sights and noticed they have the same magpul mag248-blk rear sights at different warehouses for different prices. Anyone know why? Rear sights are $59.97 at one and $45.14 at the other, same with the fronts $39.97 and $31.10. I also found them at Any...
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    R&R Machine in Londonderry, NH

    It's been awhile since I've been on here and this is very sad news. My heart goes out to his family. Rick was very good to me, he treated me like a friend the first time I walked in his shop and I was just a kid off the street. He helped me locate parts (my engine block) when I didn't know where...
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    GN1 Heads- 8 bolt versus 14 bolt --Help

    I've had 14 bolt heads on my 109 block for years with no headgasket issues. When I bought mine the roller rockers cost less for the 14 bolt heads.
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    This could be the night for the Bruins!

    WOW :D Good Night :D
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    GFCI outlet.

    Are you replacing a GFCI outlet? There is no point in adding a gfci to a circuit that already has one, the gfci protects all the outlets after it. Your outlets should match the size of the circuit breaker.
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    89 MPG per tank

    Gas leak? Maybe in a fuel line.
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    Bet HER photo will sell these MUSTANG parts

    That chit ain't right!
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    i hate winter

    Mother nature wants to make this the longest NE thread ever.
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    Progressive ins. and snapshot device

    I have progressive right now and am shopping for another insurance company after dealing with them on a window claim. I called them about the quality of the replacement window and the problems I've had with it. The girl on the phone told me the window meets my states "minimum" requirements. I...
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    i hate winter

    I have a camp up in Barton, VT and was wondering how much snow was still up there. I have to head up there and fix the plumbing I forgot to drain down. I used to ride over to VT when the trails were beat in Pittsburg, thier trails were always good.