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    Water in oil!?!?

    Oh no, this was way more than just "some milkyness". It looked like a Wendy's Frosty machine when I drained the oil pan, lol. Well so far I have redone the water pump and sealed all of the bolts with RTV. I drained the bad oil and I'm gonna refill it today after I refill the coolant and...
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    Water in oil!?!?

    If you are referring to pressure testing the coolant system, then that might be an awesome idea. I will add the black light die and pressurize the coolant system for a few minutes. I don't think that this will yield any immediate results as the leak is obviously inside of the engine somewhere...
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    "Y" Pipe

    Anyone find a PN for this stupid y restrictor thing? I'm rocking the autozone y
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    Water in oil!?!?

    You think the headbolts could be seeping enough water into oil to make it milky? Maybe intake manifold leaking water into valley pan > down to oil pan? Timing cover to block seal at the top where water goes from pump to block?
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    If this is Red, I'm back in the states. If not...disregard, lol.

    If this is Red, I'm back in the states. If not...disregard, lol.
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    BTW, i'm back in the states.

    BTW, i'm back in the states.
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    Water in oil!?!?

    Just rebuilt motor.....on startup, there is water in oil. Compression test shows 150 all around. No cracks in heads (magnafluxed). Stock bore size, and no porting on heads. WTF.....any ideas
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    Razor's kit on my STS Z71..

    FL8 Z71, was the water injestion problem a result of the rear mounted turbo?
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    Photos Of Mease Dp

    Looks ok to me I'll trade you a Lee Thompson 3" DP for it!
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    Stock radio

    O.K. none of that worked. Any other ideas?
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    Stock radio

    What set button?
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    A few basic/simple questions...

    Received and replied:D
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    Stock radio

    Does anyone know how to set the presets on the stock delco radio? Also setting the time(without disconnecting/reconnecting the battery an noon/midnight:rolleyes: )?
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    Decissions... Decissions...

    Last I checked it was $700 for the hot air coil:( It was described to me once that the '87 ECM processes data from the sensors and makes changes like 50 times faster, making everything that the ECM controls function much better.
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    Boost with air regulator

    Even if you disconnect the wastegate rod entirely, you will still get some boost, because the wastegate hole is only going to let so much exh. past the turbine. I had my regulator between the DS nipple on the WG actuator and the boost source for said vac line. Worked fine for me.
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    Informal Gathering of TR's @ Rockingham Dragway!!

    How far from Fayetteville is Rockingham?
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    A few basic/simple questions...

    I didn't have the black and gray seats, I had the sand colored ones in my old car. I started to put the black carpet in before it got wrecked. I used the aftermarket rolls like you buy at walmart for like $10. One roll did the whole passenger side. OBTW, I just pulled the sand colored carpet...
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    Headlight/Stereo/Wiring Problem

    Go to any stereo shop and ask for a "ground loop isolator". This will fix the whining problem.
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    Which parts are extra:D

    The car will not be street legal. What manual steering box can I use? Also, when I get the wheel tubs in, how do I get the frame out of the way?
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    Anyone use or hear of 1.85 valves?

    I am by far no expert!! But in my opinion, the 1.77 intake, 1.60 exhaust combination would be better. The air is going to get in(turbo makes sure of that) Need to make it as easy as possible for exh. to get out. Just my opinion, don't shoot me:D