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    ~~Parting out 87 Rosewood Limited~~ LOOK

    1of 7 Rosewood Met T-types.
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    ~~Parting out 87 Rosewood Limited~~ LOOK

    1 of 7 getting parted out.
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    Grand National Front mount intervcooler for sale and turbo

    Intercooler still for sale? 150.00 shipped to 40324
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    87 GN Motor all original Complete.

    I wish I had the cash.
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    71 Buick 455 engine complete

    If came out of a Lesabra it would be TR standard 455, TA centurion 455, and TS Stage 1.
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    FS: 55# Siemen Deka Injectors Low impedence (less than 1000 miles)

    Will these injectors work with stock ecm?
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    009 Injectors $150 Shipped

    Chris McDade thanks for waiting as long as you did. My satillite Went down due to a storm, fried everything. New hughes unit finally up. Again Thanks.
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    009 Injectors $150 Shipped

    pm sent
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    87 turbo t to trade

    1 of 7 rosewood car?
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    Rarest TR Option??!!

    no problem!!!!! IT is a regal with the gn option and a map light.
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    Rarest TR Option??!!

    My Gn has 1 option and 1 option only, That my friends is a maplight.
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    Whats left of it

    Where in KY are you? I am in Georgetown. Interested in a 455 car.
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    OTC Diagnostic System...

    I will take it if it is still up for sale.
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    TurboLink 4.0.2 w/boost sensing harness

    I am not trying to insult, car funds just way low, but need this, 100$ plus shipping
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    A/c Compresser

    25.00$ were in ohio
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    Motor Trend cover this month says...

    I think they need a new name, The GN GNX GS GSX has had there day. Let them keep their names, it adds to there mystic. Call in Grand _______ fill in the blank.
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    buick stage 2 block,heads,crank,rods&intake

    This goes to show I WISH I COULD WIN THE POWERBALL!!!!!
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    I need rid of the rest of this stuff

    give me a call. i pmed number. i will take box.