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  1. dynoman

    checking for error codes

    Do you have any mods to the motor , if so post them up . If the MAF is stock , tap on it with a screw driver handle and see if the motor stumbles , if it does replace it with a translator & LT1 MAF . Do like TexasT said and check all vacuum hoses , a smoke test would be best for locating leaks...
  2. dynoman

    Fuel Tank mods

    Looks like you probably dodged a bullet with that old pump set up . Pull the hanger out and lets see what you have in there . Is there a hot wire set up , if not plan on getting one .
  3. dynoman

    flatten the thrust surface on the front cover?

    Also do not use the tensioner with the double roller .
  4. dynoman

    Been addressed before but.....
  5. dynoman

    Turbo Regal Picture Thread

    That grey looks good !!
  6. dynoman

    Been addressed before but.....

    Like TexasT said , need to know fuel pressure and should have a hot wire also .
  7. dynoman

    Chrome alternator kits

    I have one that I bought from Summit 2 years ago .
  8. dynoman

    Wow, best paint stripper for almost no $

    You did keep it for future powder coating I hope .......... just not in the kitchen !!
  9. dynoman

    The Best Book On Turbo Charging You Will Ever Read

    Amazon has it .
  10. dynoman


    I have the HP ecu & 12.3" Pro Dash going in right now and asked if I would need to get the CAN bus expansion module . I was told I didn't need it and there was enough I/O between the HP & Pro Dash to cover my needs . If the CAN module is needed it's another $400 with the harness .
  11. dynoman


    With the Pro Dash you pick up more I/O . 13 inputs and 4 outputs .
  12. dynoman

    Fuel line opinions

    I left my hard lines in along the frame and tied the new lines to them .
  13. dynoman

    Original 4 speed trans

    It's all about using the right bait !!
  14. dynoman

    Ever see this issue with Cometic head gaskets??

    Mr Spool will ask you if you are just breaking it in at that level . That's what he said to me when I said I was at 30-31 psi................. He's run double that on those plugs . I'm sure he will respond though !!
  15. dynoman

    Need Help Diagnosing Issue

    This is why a smoke machine is so valuable in looking for leaks !!
  16. dynoman

    Ever see this issue with Cometic head gaskets??

    I had non-resistor plugs in my car for 5 miles total and one WOT blast that started breaking up at 15 psi of boost . Drove home and replaced them with resistor plugs and problem solved .
  17. dynoman

    head studs won't loosen

    Is there enough thread to jam nut it ??
  18. dynoman

    WTB (1) OEM 15” 1987 GN Wheel

    We're good friends and talk all the time .
  19. dynoman

    WTB (1) OEM 15” 1987 GN Wheel

    OP , if you buy this wheel don't get the center cap . I'll ship one to Mr Spool for you ....... free . Welcome to the Forum .