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  1. jasjamz

    160 lb injectors ??

    What pumps are you using? Adding more voltage to the pumps or bigger pumps tends to lower duty cycle. Kenne Bell Boost a pump, Caspers Volt Booster, or two mean internal pumps should help. How much power does the car make now? Maxing out 120s is not "easy."
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    That is wayyy too much turbo for you. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. jasjamz

    AES Engines In Elgin, Anyone Build A Block There, Feedback?

    Doug has built 2 I know of. One being a girdled Stroker. It is for sale. Never put it in the car.
  4. jasjamz

    86 GN engine

    I knew this debate would start. Ported Irons vs High boost stock heads. First, you need to replace the valve springs. If you can get this done on the stand with the heads on... great. You will want to upgrade the timing chain and gears as well. Post pictures of the engine and head bolts. It may...
  5. jasjamz

    injectors 50lb and precision front mount intercooler and pipes.

    Why cant you post a price on the parts? I was look for a IC for a guy but I dont want to insult you. My offers a fair but im not NEW to this game.
  6. jasjamz

    Power Logger Review Help Needed - KR!

    What plugs are you using? Single or dual nozzle? Where is the alky set? Roller rockers? Any valvetrain noise? Wideband? I cant view logs at this time since my " Buick Laptop" is in for repair. Sent a photo of the plugs numbered 1-6
  7. jasjamz

    6466 Turbo Talk.

    They all have ventured over to that convoluted Facebook crap.
  8. jasjamz

    Ths rules question

    Aww... you don't need stuff like that. Stock arms work just fine. (PS Do not look under my car)
  9. jasjamz

    Bowling Green May 13-16 2020 Turbo Hot Street

    Well this mess could be an opportunity for all to wrench on cars a bit more. I hope you are still working an playing it smart.
  10. jasjamz

    Precision turbo tb intake manifold

    Intake still available? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  11. jasjamz

    Head question

    Two head gaskets, which cylinders? You may want to look at the rod bearings. Especially if its the same one twice. Always change them both too. A blown one means you more than likely hurt the other. Oh yeah... champion iron are nice! Dont forget the intake. Its off... do it and dont look back...
  12. jasjamz

    Bowling Green May 13-16 2020 Turbo Hot Street

    Yep! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  13. jasjamz

    Bowling Green May 13-16 2020 Turbo Hot Street

    As I sit in my office and look at the forecast calling for snow.... Has there been any rule changes or a list of who plans to attend? I don't use Facebook so if its anything posted there already I'm unaware of it. Just curious.... Jason
  14. jasjamz

    Various used parts

    How are the manifolds and crossover? Matching set? Any cracks? Asking price shipped to chicago Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  15. jasjamz

    Stock Fuel Rail

    Check out a vendor that has the Champion rails in stock or the ones Don Cruz sells. I would just pick up another stock rail and check it out. Clean the injectors while you have it all apart!
  16. jasjamz


    Well I can just say this. On all the GNs I work on I use Valvoline VR-1 Racing oil non- synthetic. My neighbor, a scientist for BP told me 20 years ago not to add things to my oil. He said the same thing as a section of that article. We come up with the formulas and don't need you adding things...
  17. jasjamz

    Is a Turbobuick considered a Muscle car?

    It's was a Modern Muscle Car back then. Now is almost old enough for me to call it a Classic. I can't call an 87 MC SS or an 87 Olds 442 a Muscle Car. They looked sporty but with under 200 horsepower... one might ask where is the muscle.....
  18. jasjamz

    Has anyone dealt with turbo 6 performance?

    Nope... Don't have a clue as to who they are.