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    Original 4 speed trans

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    Testing all types of flex plates

    The first pic is of a Lightweight version of a JW internel balance flexplate. JW makes a standard version of that flexplate and external balance flexplate. Also out there are the overseas versions (Cat etc).
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    New Limit Engineering TE62 turbo

    Thanks for the kind words. It will make a great turbo for someone.
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    New Limit Engineering TE62 turbo

    Limit TE 62 comes with new wastegate actuator and gaskets. $850 shipped in the 48.
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    2023 xTSM rules ? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

    They moved the discussion? rules vote etc to Facebook instead of here on the last go around.
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    CAT 231A 3.625 Crankshaft

    Happy New Year to you Chuck. You have plans to go to the GS Nats this year?
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    CAT 231A 3.625 Crankshaft

    I will take it. Zip code 47130
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    Location, Location, Location...

    I feel the same way and glad you made a post about it.
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    Aluminum Rods, I've Never Seen Them Offered Or Talked About In Here? Curious

    If my memory is correct Billy Anderson built Sully an aluminum rodded engine back in the day that ended up being sold with his car to Ron Bailey.
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    84-85 Turbine Housing or Core Turbo

    PM sent
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    Which vehicle did he look at?

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    Radiator hold down ideas

    I believe Spoolfool makes two different styles of hold downs.
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    Turbo Tweak Alky Chips $65 each shipped

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    Jw flywheel question

    Opened up the bolt holes a fuzz. Have also had to bevel the flexplates before as mentione above. These problems were on early overseas crankshafts.
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    Jw flywheel question

    Been there done that. The crank is the problem.
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    GS Nationals attendance been dropping

    I am with you, the last two years have been very good. With gas prices up it really surprised me this year had such a good showing.
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    New Spoolfool Carbon Fiber bumpers.

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    Deeper or wider oil pan?

    Add to the sump and you will be fine. 1 1/2 inches works well, still higher than the front crossmember.
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    Intercooler mount bracket

    No spacer, you just need to align the two.
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    New RRA