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    Wire harness

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    Wire harness

    No cut. I'l snap some tomorrow
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    Power steering parts!

    He giving them away at that price
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    Wire harness

    Engine harness $350 shipped
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    Stage 2 block needed.

    Ricky you still looking for a 4.1 block 291? Hit me up 917 613 6054 Lenny
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    Im looking for 86-87 complete engine harness

    I have one from a low mileage car $350 shipped
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    Wire harness

    Pull out of low mileage turbo T
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    $600 shipped?
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    Belt tensioner *new pics*

    The price is on his first post
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    Belt tensioner *new pics*

    2 for $150 ?
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    First LS build--Fishing for ideas

    this is my built. Stock location . I was able to use the pipe from turbo to intercooler but the other pipe have to be shorten.
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    Turbotrix2004 A++ seller

    Mike is a good guy
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    ISO Precision SLIC

    That's not what you said when we talk about it. But whatever it is you trying to do it's SOLD.
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    ISO Precision SLIC

    Coming from your mouth that you said install but never run so it wouldn't be used.
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    ISO Precision SLIC

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    ISO Precision SLIC

    new precision 850 shipped
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    Precision stretch intercooler NEW

    Sorry Bob. Shipping is around $50. I'll split the shipping with you
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    Precision stretch intercooler NEW

    Yes it's come with hardware and ippipe is brush aluminum and already drill for alky. I'm in NY
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    87 Grand National Inner Fender

    I have one $150 shipped