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    Stage 2

    Nick, This engine has been sitting here for 6 years . Only thing it needs is a pickup tube to run. Count me in for one!! Let me know how much to send and where. Thanks Mike
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    Stage 2

    Hey Nick, I have an engine here that is stacked away that needs one of those pickup tubes. If you make any more , put me first on the list!! Thanks Mike
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    Danny Bee users

    Agreed!! It wont make any more or less power , but you can move the power/torque band around to suit your situation. Mike
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    Im stepping my program up..

    Good choice having Duttweiler do the cam. I can feel it happening!! BTW I went 6.92 with my home built junk. Im behind this effort!! Mike
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    casting #

    I checked one of my Indy square port heads out. The casting number is still 255000168 instead of 153. I would find it very odd that any type of stage 2 casting would be anything outside of a 255000153 to 255000168 part number. But that being said Im very curious to get to the bottom of this for...
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    Stage 2 cam help.

    Im really shocked that a mushroom lifter will clear the swinging lobes beside it. What woul you say is the maximum diameter of the mushroom head that will clear a standard cam lobe. This is really good info!! Thanks for sharing. Mike
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    Stage 2 cam help.

    Ok I need to know !! Did you check out the issues above , and can a mushroom lifter be used ??? Mike
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    Stage 2 GN build

    I have used a 1/4"bolt with a nut tightened up so the hex matches on the bolt and nut. This allows me to use a 7/16" - 1/4" drive swivel socket with a long extension and drive it with a drill at an angle that I can get to. Been doing this for 20 years+ and its probably still the same bolt...
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    Belt drives

    Chris is going to take over the belt drive business in my place. We have worked together to get this moving and I will be purchasing all my DannyBee parts from him. Anyone needing anything reguarding DannyBee belt drives needs to get with Chris !!! Thanks for your effort on this Chris !! Mike
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    New Stage Trans Am Build

    I saw you at Edgewater a couple months ago at the Friday 8.5 race. I was not feeling any love watching you run the Firebird so I passed on stopping by to say HI !! Welcome back to the dard side!!! Mike
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    Urgent help needed with pistons.

    I have a set f Oliver rods that I had reconditioned for one of my engines. They are sized and re-bushed and the true length is 6.470". I wll sell those for $475.00 plus the freight if intrested. Thats the only set I have available in 6.5" ros with wide journal. Most likely I will not see this...
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    Urgent help needed with pistons.

    I see you PM'd me on this. Is this narrow or wide journal rod , and for on or off-center block. Mike
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    Stage 2 cam help.

    OK let me throw down here. FIRST THING you need to do is actually set up a block with a flat tappet cam and lifters installed. Even if its just a stock cam. I have never even owned a buick flat tappet cam so bear with me , but I highly suspect that you will run into issues with anything bigger...
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    My first seven second run

    I have a real nice set 2.100 x 5.545" & 1.625 x 5.545" valves. The .020 in head diameter and .005 in length isnt going to hurt anything!! Let me know if I can help. Mike
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    Billet head - design / build thread !!

    No updates!! Have most of the parts made for the intake manifold. Hoping that this winter this gets finished finally. Im in machine shop prison! Also have not worked much at all so my funding would also hold things up. Things are looking up in the work dept , so maybe this will actually...
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    And so it begins.... (lsx content)

    Kevin, I assume you are directing that post to me. I dont have a problem with you or anyone else putting a LS motor in your Buick , thats your call. I see it about the same as putting a ford 351 in it , or say Billy Glidden putting one in his Mustang. Its just not going to command the same...
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    And so it begins.... (lsx content)

    Im not mad about my decesion to Man up and fix the problem weather it was my doing or his and put it behind us buy jut refunding his money. Im fricking pissed that you threw in your slanderous comments!! You are a complete POS snake in the grass , and a COWARD of epic porportions !!! Take your...
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    And so it begins.... (lsx content)

    Absolutley no body gives a rats arse what you have done!! OH wait no body knows what you have done , no body knows exactly WHO you are, or WTF you have done. WHY , because you are a COWARD that hides behind that BS sig of yours. I called you and your LS junk out a year ago for a heads up race...
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    Congratulations to Tony Gomes & Dave Fiscus

    Great job to all. Wish I could have been there!! Next year Im making the reservations for vacation to Florida!! Mike
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    Blownv6 misrepresented parts

    Just to clear this up, the rusty looking stuff is actually dried up oil and rubs right off with your finger. Pretty obvious to me that you haven't built very many engines , if any , and are not quite sure what will work and wont work , or what is important and what is not. I cant fix that...