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  1. GN87Mike

    Having trouble reading the worn off

    I think this eye test was on here years ago......It's still a good test.
  2. GN87Mike

    cylinder 1 spark plug oddity

    Were the injectors flowed?
  3. GN87Mike

    cylinder 1 spark plug oddity

    A dual nozzle with your et/mph is a lot of alky.....but doesn't explain only one plug affected.
  4. GN87Mike

    cylinder 1 spark plug oddity

    Sorry.....just looked at the plugs.
  5. GN87Mike

    cylinder 1 spark plug oddity

    Compression, leak down numbers?
  6. GN87Mike

    One bad injector??

    Great idea! I'm good for one.
  7. GN87Mike

    Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    On the trophies to the losers........I have a grandson who played on a third grade basketball team and in the tournament they lost. They started handing out trophies to his team and when they got to him he said we lost why are we getting trophies and refused to take it. I was very proud of him...
  8. GN87Mike

    Assorted Parts Individual or Package Deal

    I have had these stands a long time. They are not the same brand but I bet they came from the same Chinese factory as they look identical. The catch paw on these looks long enough.
  9. GN87Mike


    I did the same thing years ago on mine and put it back using body emblem adhesive. You can't tell it happened unless you look very close. I had actually forgotten about it.
  10. GN87Mike

    Connector Release

    Got it! Thanks for the help.
  11. GN87Mike

    Connector Release

    The wire side.
  12. GN87Mike

    Connector Release

    So the "finger" on the male connector needs to be pressed in to release? I was putting some pressure on it before in one of my attempts so I'll try again. Thanks
  13. GN87Mike

    Connector Release

    Is there a way to disassemble this connector to repair one of the wires connection? I have a whole bunch of release tools but can't get it apart. One of the wires has slipped and i want to repair it. I use it for my tach drive. Thanks Mike
  14. GN87Mike

    Dent removal/Cracked paint??

    Some years ago there was a Buick Race for more than one day at either Raceway Park in Indy or maybe it was one at National Trails at Columbus maybe. There were two PDR guys there who had a tent set up with the lights. Word got around how good they were and were busy the whole time with cars...
  15. GN87Mike

    Brisk spark plug

    Yes Autolite does make racing plugs with 3/4" reach and a gasket that do fit in our aluminum heads but don't have all the desirable/needed features that the Brisk plugs have as stated very well by Ttype6. The closest in a resistor plug would be as an example the AR3923 but it has a projected...
  16. GN87Mike

    Brisk spark plug

    Or the DR10s maybe.... I had the DR12s recommended for my motor with GN1 heads but I am running gas with 9.0, 28 psi. I currently use Autolite 3922 and 3924....much cheaper.
  17. GN87Mike

    Bowling Green

    Thanks! Good decision. Mike
  18. GN87Mike

    Bowling Green

    Maybe.....229-244-0577...That's what is listed in the GS X-TRA
  19. GN87Mike

    Wide Band Cable Routing Help

    Yes Sir!
  20. GN87Mike

    Sleeving the 109 Block

    They have a very good collection of torque plates here.