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    New From Fallon

    Did these wheels get sold?
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    Dimmer Switch Needed

    I couldn’t find it at any retail store nor gbodyparts or Kirban. How long ago did you get it?
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    Dimmer Switch Needed

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a good working dimmer switch for my 87-T. Let me know please. Zip code: 94546 -Hector
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    WTB Turbo Heat Shield + bracket

    Ok. Send me your PayPal info.
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    WTB Turbo Heat Shield + bracket

    Can you do $30 shipped? I’ll PayPal asap. -hector
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    WTB Turbo Heat Shield + bracket

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a decent condition turbo heat shield with the mounting bracket for my T. Please let me know. My zip code is 94546.
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    FS Turbo Saver Kit

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    FS Turbo Saver Kit

    Hey guys, So I had this turbo saver kit on my Buick but one of the hoses got pinched by the sway bar (see pic). I have a brand new exact replacement, Parker hose set up to replace it; I just haven't installed it. I do not have the proper tools to remove the damaged hose. I have since said f*ck...
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    Need passenger side headlight bezel

    hey guys, looking for a GN passenger side headlight bezel complete with side marker light. Let me know how much shipped to 94546.
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    Many parts forsale. lookie here

    Looking for passenger side headlight bezel w/side marker light. Have one?
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    Caspers 8 position Ultrachip - 50#, High flow cat, test pipe for sale!

    I am very interested in the Cat. Converter. Please send price shipped to 94546.
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    LS1 85mm MAF $75 shipped / Lt1/Ls1 3" MAF $50 shipped

    Second in line for lt1 maf if in good working condition.
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    Third in line
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    Stock MAF, LS1 MAF.

    Second in line for LS1 MAF...lmk if deal falls through.
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    Quest For More Boost!!

    Looks great! May I ask who your builder is? I am in the process of getting my block overhauled....
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    Replacing outer window seals!

    lol..I did the same thing...juss took me a while to figure out the process.
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    NOS Ttop weather strips l&r

    I'll pass for the time being. Might have a friend sell me his weatherstripping...Thanks for quick response.
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    NOS Ttop weather strips l&r

    can you send me phone number? first in line
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    hood mounted fuel pressure gauge complete kit-any interest?

    interested. Was about to piece a set together but this will save me the time.