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    G body parts refund? ??

    It always goes back to violence for knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers like you. I will be in BG next year. Step and see what happens. You DO get that the drunk couldn't scrape together $9.99/mo for hosting, and I had to pay it almost always, for YEARS, right? You DO get that if I hadn't paid...
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    G body parts refund? ??

    You lie just like Brian. If it's not about the $$, why continue to support and promote a v=vendor that has an almost decade long record of stealing from the community? I set up, built, and even paid the hosting for that site for nearly 5 years, because the drunk asshole couldn't afford the few...
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    G body parts refund? ??

    I specifically didn't mention my board - because it has nothing to do with the fact you put a few ill-gotten dollars over the welfare of your members. If you had any class, you would boot him as a vendor. But he's still here so.... Lie with dogs, ya get fleas, boy.
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    G body parts refund? ??

    How many more member posted "facts" about Brian and GBODYParts do you need? The fact that you still defend him, and take his greasy ad dollars after he has screwed SO many of your board's members sickens me. If you cared about the community, you would cut him off. But hey - cash is cash...
  5. S Brian Weaver Arrested

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    Who to use besides Racetronix?

    I don't know that there's much competition for many of their products. There's tons of help and history here - some careful searching should answer any questions you have.
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    WTB Angled IAC boss

    Got what I needed - thanks folks!
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    Racetronix open for normal business.

    I will miss your TR products. :( Do you sell your house branded ~4-6ga cable in 10-20' lengths?
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    Who to use besides Racetronix?

    I love their stuff, so I use it. While I don't care for the delivery, he makes some very valid points. It's never been a secret that they have very limited support, if that is an important aspect of a vendor relation to you, shop elsewhere. I don't agree with how they handle their customer...
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    WTB Angled IAC boss

    PM sent, thanks
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    WTB Angled IAC boss

    Anyone have one? I'm tired of the interference in the stock location. Price with shipping to 33612, thanks!
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    OT - Air Conditioner - Alternative Refrigerant - HFC152a

    The charge I put in the wife's 96 Integra is still working fine after a year or so. My 87T is another story - seems the freon ate up the seals in the new accumulator. I need to replace it and try it again. Not sure what the issue is...
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    Carfax Reports available, Limited time only..

    I ran all of my cars, and printed them for future reference.
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    WTS: Greddy boost controller, 10" PTC converter, TA Performance valve covers, and more..

    What exact PN is the Greddy? PN should be similar to this: 15500209 Was it working when removed?
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    Carfax Reports available, Limited time only..

    Free at this link, not sure how long it may last. Stolen from here:
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    Crap for sale

    This is some good shit. Sackie only sells the best crap. If you need crappy parts, but with confidence.
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    Discreet yet updated gauge

    I was wondering about that - to use theses displays for anything other than voltage is pretty complicated.
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    Going Through A/C System Need Help

    Come to think of it there is some water vapor when I start the vacuum pump up.