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    Pictures won't load

    I am having the same issue
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    Race Parts 9" rear TRZ QA1 Weldon RCI HRparts

    What's your location? I have been thinking about selling my limited
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    Need motor frame mounts

    Pm sent
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    Need motor frame mounts

    I have a pair of frame mounts I can ship them Thursday if needed
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    Can someone confirm these Motive Gear pinion bearings fit our cars...

    There is three different size pinion bearings for an 8.5 the newer Chevy trucks use a larger bearing and still has an 8.5 rear best bet is to remove the bearings and go off the part numbers they're usually in stock at most part stores
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    WTB. CAS V1 stock location intercooler brackets

    Looking for a RT side intercooler bracket for a CAS V1 stock location intercooler. Or if someone can send me some photos of what it looks like I'll make one . Thanks Shawn
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    question on who made these

    Just got back to my shop and had to break out the old ATR catalog. that header sold for $269 new
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    question on who made these

    The ATR stock replacement header did not look like there other Headers I am on the road it will be a few hours before I can post pics but I am pretty sure that's what you have
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    question on who made these

    I was a ATR dealer and sold a bunch I'll have to dig my catalog. Out And post pictures
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    question on who made these

    Looks like a ATR stock replacement
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    Best GNX style 16” wheels

    I personally think the best wheels are the factory non dimpled GTA wheels that's a two piece wheel unlike the other wheels
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    Aftermarket performance parts

    Pm sent
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    Nice passenger side front upper control arm

    I have one if you need
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    Wanted: Clean Roller Regal/Turbo T

    What is your budget ? I have a few in Pittsburgh PA
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    Drag Week 2019 Our Lisa O Connor Fischer making us proud once again.

    Lisa just ran 9.08 today at Cecil county.
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    Parts for sale

    I will take the classic fast