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    GN Hoodliner Insulation 2022, Aftermarket or Custom?

    Can also look at QuietRide. I patterned our GBody hood stuff for them back in 2016. They do have a AcoustiShield set up for our hoods, and an alternative “hood pad” design. I also used their floor, body and trunk kit too. Pretty nice stuff and it was easy with their precision cut material than...
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    Front Bucket Seat Foam/Cushion - need opinions

    I did the Mike’s Montes foam, in low back. Used my old foam to fill in the few channels in the new seat bottoms and all turned out well. Reused my old covers too with no drama. Hardest part was getting the headrest to release (hacksaw blade for the win). That was back in 2016 and they feel...
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    Is anyone else excited for Oct23-26th? Bowling Green

    Grabbed a room at the Garden Inn. I’ll be the GN with Hawaii plates since we just moved back to the mainland... just in time for the GS Nats, as if I timed it that way. LOL
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    SPOTTING thread

    Man I was out yesterday. Did an oil change and then took my lame-ass self to Kamakana Wendy’s for a frosty to celebrate.
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    Heard that the outages on tp and paper towels were pretty extreme at Target/ Costco. I dunno... I got what I needed today.
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    More Buick Parts I Want Gone !!!

    Mike, Dash screws and the #16 chrome a/c dryer cover (if it becomes avail again) to 96706 please. Just let me know the tally. thanks!
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    Aloha hawaii GN owners.

    Ewa Beach. The car comes out Sat nights for the occassional Walmart cruise cuz it’s too hot with no a/c right now
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    Black GN headed up Ft Weaver towards Kunia about 0800 yesterday morning. I was in my bright yellow MR2 and got a glance as I took the on-ramp. Looked clean, sounded nice!
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    Wendys Night!!! Oct. 20. 2018

    Relo to Kapolei Walmart... far end towards the other plaza.
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    Wendys Night!!! Oct. 20. 2018

    Getting the car out and cleaning up. Looking good for tonight. I’ll be towards the rear of the Costco lot after I get gas... planning 6pm. Think some folks will be over in the Home Depot lot across the intersection- either way we can roll over to Wendy’s around 615.
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    Wendys Night!!! Oct. 20. 2018

    So Rex says meet Costco lot around 6 to gather and then drive over. Works for me... can always get gas first. LOL
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    Wendys Night!!! Oct. 20. 2018

    Bucky just called me with the details. I’m in!! 6pm is good enough to get an early spot or block of spots. Corvette and Mopar guys show around the same time but there is space.
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    Shipping a car questions and who to use ?

    Love the “no specifics” generic response from the spammer above. Check out Intercity Lines too... good feedback on 6speedonline
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    transmission bolt sizes for drip lip and transmission mount

    Inspection cover ones are M6.3-1.81 x 25mm. Just did thus two weekends ago with a drip lip on mine. Luckily I found a hardware package at my local Napa...
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    Looking for XFI Edash mounting options without suction cup

    Command Velcro strips directly to the clear lens and to back of edash. Removable and easy to re-do. Just not sure how it would react to high temps...
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    OEM Steelies w tires, lugs, center caps

    Time to whore out my parts... Selling my stock wheels w/ Douglas tires 215/65. Need the storage space back LOL... $400 includes my old lugs and center caps (cosmetically tough, but get the job done). I can show off my new 16x8 Black...
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    Local parts for sale. THDP and Turbo

    Where about are you exactly? Thinking PHX/ Tucson for some reason... Anyway I'm headed into PHX tmrw morning to visit my folks and would love to pick this up, if you're roughly nearby. Shipping is a pain so a carry-on dp for the flight home should do the trick! Matt 808.three72.330four
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    Shipping large items

    Found another... was thinking about how to get a new transmission here some day. DHX. Dependable Hawaiian Express. Ports in LAX, SEA, PDX, OAK. I did some reading and found their name on a BMW board.
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    Rear speakers

    Check the audio subforum...get the carrtunz/ garyk setup and call it done.
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    Weather striping horror stories.

    Gummi Pflege... I use it on my other car w ttops. And you can't beat shin etsu grease from Honda. Excellent stuff!