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    TR6 Smart Coil harness

    TR6 still for sale?
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    1986 buick turbo shield cover

    I’ll take it if still available.
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    Xfi 2.0

    Xfi still for sale?
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    15x10 15x4 steel GN Wheels, Dash, Flares, other parts

    Dash still for sale?
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    Parts needed...

    Stay away from Online !
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    Anyone building a race car? Switch panel

    I’ll take it, PayPal?
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    Fast xfi 2.05 with E-dash for sale

    Still available?
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    New MAF Translator, Mounting Bracket and Sensor. New PLX Wideband O2 Sensor kit.

    How much for the maf translator and lt1 sensor old style with bracket too?
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    Still available?

    Still available?
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    Stage II ATR headers / off center intake / turbo cam

    Any pictures for the headers?
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    Fast system with datalogger screen

    How much for the dash screen ?
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    ATR Stage 2 Headers modified for T6 turbo

    Looks nice, can you call me when you get a chance 415 920 3408 Eli. Thank you
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    ATR Stage 2 Headers modified for T6 turbo

    headers still for sale ? any pictures of the headers install in the car ? thanks.
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    Single turbo headers

    headers still for sale ?any pictures of headers mock up?
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    FS: Stage II Headers

    You still have this headers ?
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    FS: Stage II Heads.
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    FS: Stage II Heads.

    interested on headers,please send pictures.thanks