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    Cruz Performance fuel rails-USED

    I have a set of Cruz Performance fuel rails that are anodized black and used. I ran these for two years & there are no issues with the rails and I am selling them because I am going back to the factory rail. The fittings on the rear of the rails are -8 & front is -6: Price: 150.00 shipped...
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    I had the body and frame soda blasted and then put in epoxy primer using PPG DP90. The frame was boxed as well using the boxing kit that GNS sold along with reduced height solid body bushings. Surprisingly with as much time the car sat outside, there are only two dents on the body. One on the...
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    2004R dipstick tube

    I am in need of a factory transmission dipstick tube. I am only interested in one that's a GM stock tube and is not bent, cracked or damaged.
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    AC not blowing on high and not blowing thru center vents

    I had the issue with the fan not working on high earlier this year. Thinking it was the high fan relay at first, but it was the connector like described in this thread
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    I need to call Jack again and speak to him about some more things. I sadly havent been able to touch base with Bob's son though. Maybe someday.... I was able to speak to the shop owner who built the cage for the car and hoping for any photos he may of taken while building the car. This was...
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    TTT Anyone else out there with photos, videos or information they remember about the car or a story they would share about Bob? No big updates on the car's process besides the cage is cut out and awaiting for the chassis builder to have his car done so this can be started. Here's some photos...
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    Radio brackets & clips

    I'm in the same situation as well....I'd be interested in too to whomever would have some.
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    Gear Drive with modified stock front cover

    For sale: Complete Gear drive and modified stock front cover. Price: 350 shipped This gear drive is 100% complete and there are no issues, sheared gears or rough bearings. It spins freely. The stock front covers have to be modified to use the gear drive as you can see from the photos. The plate...
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    Aluminum bumper supports and alum core support

    If you are still looking for an aluminum core support, I have one.
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    Looking for rear spoiler end caps

    Just the spoiler pieces or also the body panel they mount to? I have a spoiler as well. They have been mounted by adhesive and will need to be painted. I can send photos by PM later.
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    Craftsman Tool Box Opinion / Question

    Obviously it comes down to how will you store your tools, how much space do you want and the price. I have a Harbor Freight 44 inch tool box and while comparing a lot of boxes for price and styling, I knew the HF one was the one to buy. I bought it last year at their annual March, Parking lot...
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    Brand new GN1 angled IAC adapter

    ****Item has been sold****
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    Brand new GN1 angled IAC adapter

    Item has been sold Moderator's can delete thread if wanted.
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    Got it figured out. Thanks Chuck for the help.
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    Awesome photo! Check your inbox for a PM.
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    I'm glad some of you remember the car! It's been really interesting to look over the car and be surprised with what I have. Does anyone remember how the interior was set up? I have the limited brown interior pieces, but wonder if the car was ran with them inside or not. I'd love to get a...
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    Rebuilding Six Shooter-Cream Beige 87 Limited

    I'm starting a thread to let it be known, as I'm in the process of rebuilding this car and am in desire of information, photos, videos, stories about this car and the legacy/history it has laid within our community. If you recognize the car, it's obvious you've been around for years and I'm...