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  1. Daniel454SS

    ISO: New hydraulic roller cam anything bigger than stock for 109

    hey man going through the same thing, ordered a new hyd roller 210/215 July '21 and still waiting and searching, talked to a few people and seems to be a issue with cores. I'll let you know if I find something
  2. Daniel454SS

    Will 295 50 r16 fit?

    I have been researching info for a larger tire for my GNX wheels and largest I have been seeing for daily is 275/45r16 on a bone stock setup. Maybe someone that currently has a 275 could measure if there is enough additional clearance for the 295/50r16.
  3. Daniel454SS

    Limited emblems

    @mondabottle I actually have the opposite problem in my '86, my passenger seat is bad. If you end up getting a replacement set I would be interested in your used seat cover as for now I would like something just "driver quality" quite a few places sell kits for front seats, there are a few...