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    wtb. fiberglass parts painted or not. bumpers hood

    I have no bumpers that are worth trading...but I have cash.
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    wtb. fiberglass parts painted or not. bumpers hood

    Bumpers or hood. 2706210226 or 270 3397242
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    bhj internal balance

    Sorry I did not mean to be a jack ass to anyone here. I got several calls as I priced it obo it went to the best offer sorry again to anyone I may have lead on.
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    bhj internal balance

    Text me I'll send pics 2706210226
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    bhj internal balance

    80 obo needs to be sent back to bhj the key way is a lil messed up. Repair is about 150 last time I checked. New balancer is about 450 last time I checked.
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    stock intake upper and lower. oil pan. fuel rail. stock intercooler and shroud

    No reasonable offers refused. Shipping is outrageous keep that in mind. I will insure if u tell me to for added cost.
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    anybody running 16 volt setups?

    My friend picked up 100hp on the dyno swapping to 16v fuel pump was the main reason. His car also make well over 2k HP . And not many electronics. I was concerned about the fast system and stock ignition components. But if cal says go 16v I'm doing it! Yes pump will increase its output.
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    anybody running 16 volt setups?

    I imagine your tape player will speed up lol!
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    anybody running 16 volt setups?

    im considering going 16v , i figure fuel pump amd fans will like it better any thoughts?
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    9s coming soon

    9s coming soon
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    Anybody know of any TR clubs in Ky?

    Theres a guy that live in glendale that has a 68 camaro w a 3.8
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    Bowling Green Kentucky area

    Im bout hr from bg
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    Anyone from the Clarksville/Nashville area?

    Im north of Clarksville bout 40 min away
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    Do you guys keep a loaded gun near when you go to sleep?

    14 hollow point on tap and one in the hole. This 1911 is begging to throw everyone in a intruders head
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    walbro 340 75 shipped

    Its in the tank. Will remove if u buy have less than 1k miles on it. Building tsm car so this pump is way too small.