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    Working Powermaster, 3 inch internal DP Mease and Cruz 7 inch Holley dash bracket,more

    I will take the powermaster. Price shipped to 44039
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    30Lbs. vs 30Lbs. ?

    Manifold pressure is just that. Doesnt matter what it took to make it. If a smaller turbo making the same boost is running the hot side hard with high backpressure, but the bigger turbo has considerably less backpressure, then the larger turbo will make more power.
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    Any info on this crankshaft 2550008

    All BMS cranks have the same part number as a raw forging. Its all in the finish machine work. There were also 5150, 4140, and 4340 versions.
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    Especially on e85, pressure drop is way more important that temps. In testing the intercooler that had 4 psi less pressure drop but 80° higher temps through the 1/8 mile went 3 more mph in the 1/8.
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    4l80e questions

    Driveshaft will need shortened, yoke is the same as a TH400. The shifter linkage will have to be modified to work, when hooked up, that takes care of the neutral safety switch and reverse lights. PTC can get you a good non lock up converter. 4l80s dont have a mechanical speedometer on the...
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    The stock cores were horrible as far as inlet temps and pressure drop. The latest version of the PTE is leaps and bounds above any intercooler using stock cores.
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    I never tested positive. Everyone at my shop got sick during the Delta variant. Some vaccinated, some not. The vaccinated people missed the most days, and were more sick. I had a headache for 2 days, and lost my smell and taste for 2 or 3 days. I was sick over a wekend and missed edays of work...
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    WTB Champion Intake

    The on center isnt for stage 2 heads. There are no available efi intakes for stage 2 heads. The on center and off center are both for production style heads.
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    Powermaster motor

    I am looking for a good powermaster motor. LMK if you have one you are looking to sell.
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    fuel cells

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    9.5 non lockup converter

    The PTC was likely wrong for the rpm range of the engine. Every car I put a ptc in picked up. Even getting the car to 60' improved. I ran back to back with a 0 pump vigilante. The vigilante went a best of 1.51 60' and 10.87@124. Leave on more boost, and it spun. A 17 blade PTC was installed and...
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    Where can I buy roller camshafts?

    Yes. Its a great all around cam.
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    Where can I buy roller camshafts?

    The quick ramp cams need a lot more spring than the milder lobe ones. There really is no need for the quick ramp cams for 99% of these cars.
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    GS Nationals attendance been dropping

    There are bracket classes. You dont have to run heads up.
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    Turbine Backpressure

    7270 3 bolt FTW. It spools slightly slower than the 6870, but has less backpressure. Wastegate strategy helps with backpressure as well. You can bleed of backpressure once the turbo is spinning. I havent seen much of a rise in backpressure with rpm. My old TSM engine with a 7270 3 bolt went...
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    GS Nationals R275

    Good thing Ken brings beer.
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    GN1-R's, Ported & Unported stock heads.

    Stock unported heads and stock cam have been 10.2s@129. Just proves that big flow isnt everything.
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    Need help with what cam to use

    You need to set a goal and match the turbo, cam, and converter to that goal. The worst thing you can do is over cam or turbo one of these cars.
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    Thats a killer turbo. I went 8.64@157 with one and it had great response on the street.