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  1. J-B Racing

    MOROSO 47130

    Hi Has anyone tried these Coils. Thanks
  2. J-B Racing

    Gear Drive question

    Is the Timing Chain Spacer the same size as using a Gear Drive? This is the Drive Gear for the Distributor.. Thanks
  3. J-B Racing


    Hi I would like some recommendations on which Coils to use if I want to lower my front end a few inches. Thanks Joe
  4. J-B Racing


    Hello Any easier way to position the Gears than the Milodon method? Thanks
  5. J-B Racing

    stage 2 Crank 3.625"

    Trying this again.. Wide Journal 3.625" Thanks
  6. J-B Racing


    Spoke with Julio that I wanted a specific kit for my car. He did what he had to do. Great guy to deal with..:) Thanks again Joe
  7. J-B Racing

    Rear right Tail Light

    Looking for one not crazy looking. Need to use it so I can install a Kill Switch. Thanks Joe
  8. J-B Racing


    Hi Does anyone know if the Brace will fit on a TH400? Thanks
  9. J-B Racing


    if anyone has one for sale. thanks
  10. J-B Racing

    Gear Drive with stock Cover question

    Has anyone tried to fit a Gear Drive with the stock Cover. Will it clear the Oil Pump Shaft is my question. Modify the cover is not an issue.. Thanks
  11. J-B Racing


    I am looking for the person who was making these Emblems. 4.5 XFI TURBO Thanks
  12. J-B Racing

    Gear Drive users

    For those using Gear drive, has anyone got into issues with it? Anything to look out for.. Thanks Joe
  13. J-B Racing

    Connecting FAST DASH to XFI

    Hi Has anyone had complications connecting the FAST Dash to your XFI if anyone has done it. Thanks
  14. J-B Racing

    S/S Valves

    I am looking for a set of In. and Ex. Valves for 8445 Heads. let me know Thanks
  15. J-B Racing


    I am looking for a Fast Dash if any. I want to replace me E-Dash. Unfortunately it fell from the Windshield and hit my Shifter. So their is a crack on the glass but still works. Will to sell it at a reasonable price as I was planning on upgrading to the Fast-Dash anyways. Tks Joe
  16. J-B Racing

    XFI question

    On my Dashboard I have the RPM going to 7500 RPM. Where do I go in the setting to bring it up to 8000??? Thanks
  17. J-B Racing

    200-R4 Input Shafts

    Who sells after market input shafts for these Tranny`s ?? Thanks
  18. J-B Racing


    Not to damage my mint condition, I am looking for one I can drill 2 holes for switches. let me know what you have not too expensive. I have Spray color match if yours is not from a GN. Thanks Joe
  19. J-B Racing


    Looking for a used un-damaged Cover. Thanks Joe
  20. J-B Racing


    This is a question only regarding traction. I have read and read that some say Tubes are better for the 60' than without Tubes. In my case I have felt my car hop a little so I am looking into trying putting my Tubes back in my 29 x 10 Slicks. Keep in mind this is a hi power low 9 hi 8 sec car...