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  1. vader6

    3" test pipe

    looking for a new 3" test pipe w/o dump, 4 bolt flange prefer non-polished stainless steel thanks
  2. vader6

    T/lamp lense & drip molding

    I am looking for the following: 1) driver side red t/lamp lens, decent quality with no cracks or chips please 2) passenger side windshield pillar drip molding, black or stainless, clean & straight thank you!
  3. vader6

    Front caliper upgrade

    looking for some advice>>>I have already converted to the 2WD Blazer hub and 2 piston rotor setup>>>now I am looking for even more front brake holding power>>.what is the best size rotor and 4 or 6 piston caliper I can run with stock T type 15" wheels? will the F body stuff work? Wilwood parts...
  4. vader6

    GN trailer, shop lift & framed picture

    I have NIB >>> GMP #9013B 2 post lift with a custom made clear cover Peachstate #2604 GN trailer Framed GN artwork $200.00 shipped for all of it
  5. vader6

    Driver side quarter glass

    down to just needing a driver side qtr glass>>>very clean condition a must thanks Jay
  6. vader6

    86 GN grille

    I know it's a longshot, but anyone know the whereabouts of an NOS 86 GN grille? thanks
  7. vader6

    Quarter Glass

    looking for a pair of "A" condition qtr glasses, no torn or gouged rubber, no glass scratches>>>NOS would be nice, but I am realistic and know that is a stretch... Jay
  8. vader6

    Factory intercooler screen

    looking for a NOS or A+ condition OE intercooler screen thanks
  9. vader6

    NOS dash panel telltales

    OE lenses in AC Delco boxes>>>these are the colored lenses that are on each side of the speedo panel and light up the turn signals, check engine, etc. $75.00 shipped for one pair left & right. Last set I have.
  10. vader6

    NOS 1986 injector harness

    looking for a NOS 1986 fuel injector harness--must be 86, there is a difference between 86 and 87. long boot ends on the 86. thank you
  11. vader6

    MAF pipe & coupler

    3" polished MAF pipe with silicone angle coupler & (3) 3" stainless t-bolt clamps, all in excellent condition $45.00 shipped in CONTUS
  12. vader6

    OE downpipe elbow

    looking for a very nice, unmolested stock downpipe elbow with the bolts and springs thanks!!
  13. vader6

    1984 GN wheels

    looking for a very nice set of 4>>>1984 GN wheels thanks
  14. vader6

    Weld Rodlites

    looking for (2) 15x7 and (2) 15x8 Weld Rodlite wheels...5x4.75 bolt patttern...thanks
  15. vader6

    vapor canister solenoid

    in need of a working or new nos vapor can solenoid, thanks
  16. vader6

    Blazer brakes & rotors?

    Ok, sure someone knows the answer to this>>>I have done the 2wd Blazer hub/brake conversion already>>>what I need to know is what is the largest rotor and caliper I can run with it on 15" wheels?? thanks Jay
  17. vader6

    TA49 cover, Johnson lifters, accessory brkt

    Three items for sale>>>polished TA49 cover $100.00>>>Johnson hydraulic flat tappet lifters reduced travel $200.00>>>silver coated accessory bracket $100.00>>>shipping is extra thanks>>>Jay
  18. vader6

    underdash insulator panel screws

    I need the 3 specific screws that hold the drivers side underdash insulator panel in place...they are small diameter with large washers. Thank you
  19. vader6

    Cig lighter

    looking for a correct NOS or A quality used cig lighter, thanks
  20. vader6

    H&S Roller Rockers

    looking for a new set of HAR S60355K 1.55 roller rockers...anyone have a new set they would let go? Wanted to check here before I go retail (n)