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    85 hot air motor , trans for sale

    Hey guys, I'm going a different direction on my hybrid build. So I have complete motor and trans, Ecu. plus another intake, heads stock headers, poston headers. Cam sensor , ignition parts , brackets...also have a complete n/a 3.8. Willing to sell it all or parts. $ 1,200 for everything. Will...
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    Need a measurement

    Could someone measure an intake from bottom to top of plenum? I'm working on a hybrid build.
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    Help id this plug

    Trying to figure out hot air engine wire harness for a hybrid build. This is only connector I'm,not sure about. I'm thinking fan motor ?
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    Need opinions

    I'll try to make this short. Bought an 84 HA complete motor, trans, and harness for my 62 olds . Pulled motor apart and it needs rebuilt. Already been bored .30 2 cylinders check out at .40 already. I'm either gonna get it bored .60 or scrap the whole deal and part it out. I'm not looking...
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    Stock cam end play?

    Hello, does anybody know what the cam end play should be with stock flat tappet cam? This is my first buick motor. It was recently rebuilt by previous owner, I'm just trying to check it over before I put in car. Thanks