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    Looking for WE4 VIN: 1g4gj1170hp438559

    Have you had any luck tracking your old car down? Looks like it was listed a couple of years ago.
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    My hybrid: Grand (Inter)National

    That is totally sick! I love it!
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    gnx 532 stolen

    This car showed up in this month's AutaBuy magazine out picked up here in California too. I sure hope the owner gets this car back. I'm very intrigued with this post.
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    gnx 532 stolen

    True that! I want to see how this turns out as well.
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    The New Guy From NewZealand

    Sounds nice! I haven't been to this thread in a while. I really like all the work that you have done! Keep up the good work bro (y)
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    My billet TA block on Methanol/E85 w/ 160lb injectors and a Gen2 'street' car build.

    Good work guys! I'd love to see this run down the track.
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    The New Guy From NewZealand

    The only thing that I have semi old & American is my 85 El Camino with my recovered 86 T-type's drivetrain in it but that's my baby. I don't know how I missed this post lol That paint scheme is really nice on the Ute. How far were you from the Napier Hastings area again? At some point & time...
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    Very Nice Turbo-T Limited For Sale In NorCal...

    Haha that's actually my folks in the background.
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    Very Nice Turbo-T Limited For Sale In NorCal...

    And those 3 speed auto's rule :biggrin: You know I just noticed that the car is missing the chrome trim around the wheel wells.
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    Very Nice Turbo-T Limited For Sale In NorCal...

    Oops, I just realized that I uploaded two driver side shots. Here's the passenger side, front seats and the trunk lable.
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    '87 Turbo T for sale at dealer in socal

    Congrats on the purchase! That is one clean ride! If I'm lucky maybe I'll see you driving around next month.
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    Very Nice Turbo-T Limited For Sale In NorCal...

    A couple more things. I asked the guy how long the car had been sitting in it's spot & he said about 2 weeks. There was one drop on oil about a 1/4 size of a dime. You could pretty much wipe it up with your pinky. The appears to be a non posi car as well.
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    Very Nice Turbo-T Limited For Sale In NorCal...

    I saw this on craigslist a couple of weeks back and went to go have a look. I was blown away with how clean and straight this car is! It's said to have 131k miles on it but dang it's clean. I was able to start it and let it idle for a bit. It had a really smooth idle. It has a front mount and I...
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    The New Guy From NewZealand

    Man that thing is gonna fly! Nice job on the Holden! Is that a 75?
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    Serious Question about a G8

    I REALLY like those G8's especially the GXP. I have only seen 3 or 4 around. I ran across the production numbers for those and wow talk about rare. I was surprised to see that you could actually get an auto trans in a G8 GXP. I am sure you've seen this but if not here goes.
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    1987 Ltd car craft car

    I'll check my collection when I get home later tonight.
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    Mail truck

    That would be an interesting ride that would raise some eyebraws. I was talking to my late wife's uncle down in New Zealand back in '07 and he was telling me people that had GM cars shipped down to New Zealand and Australia used parts from our US mail trucks as they are S10 based and they can be...
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    1987 Ltd car craft car

    I remember that car & have most of those issues. You're in the East Bay too correct? That looks super clean! GLWS! someone will have one nice ride.
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    Some fallen Tr's. ....don't hate me for this....

    I seem to remember a thread going around a while back about a GNX that was on ebay. This was the GNX below and they used a GN as a donor to build it back up.
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    What Kind of car is this...

    However the Fiesta was a hatch back in this car appears to have a trunk. The bumpers are also slightly different but the side markers appear to be in same general location. My parents had a 80 lime green Fiesta and it had some goofy looking stripes on the side. I noticed that the Kadett D looked...