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    Why they are mistaken for Monte Carlos

    You must wait thirty minutes after eating before you should watch this. I'm sure the paint looks good after blocked down and buffed.
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    Cool Buick Letter From January 1987

    I bet all the other models they made then were selling just as well. And yet they killed the g-body. If only they got rid of the pick your options and went with four or five configurations so the lines could run cheaper, faster and little changeover between cars, manufacturers have learned a...
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    Possible modified 1 mile GN....

    Part it out... or play catch up, 1/4 mile at a time.
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    Clinical Analyst, IT etc. Anyone involved with this in you career?

    While not on the medical side of the house, I have been employed in IT since around 1998. The one thing I am so thankful for is understanding the need for compliance and given the opportunity to learn those processes. If your wife has any background in document/records management with the...
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    Just add more horsepower. Legend up for auction.

    Admit it, if you had the funds, this would be on your list of things to buy. The article says this past weekend, but I couldn't find the final price. Just think of all the awesome Turbo Buick events this car was part of .
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    Whole bunch of good stuff step in!!

    DirectScan received. thank you:)
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    Whole bunch of good stuff step in!!

    I'll take the DirectSan if still available. Please PM where to send payment @ paypal. Thanks:)
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    Planning new car purchase need a color change and advice.

    We had thought about testing those, they do look very sleek for what they are. The only thing I don't like about them is what happened to my neighbors 13. It was a dark charcoal color when he bought it and now is a very hazy gray. It's like the clear coat is bad. I know it's garage kept and...
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    Planning new car purchase need a color change and advice.

    My wife and I are looking to replace our 2003 regal with a new car. From all of our test drives and research, we have narrowed it down to a '14 regal, 2.0 turbo with awd or the soon to be released 2015 V6 Toyota Camry. We would be driving the new regal now, but the dealerships are convinced the...
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    Good for him

    As a general rule, never break into a farm house. It's not if a gun is there... it's how many.
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    Someone got my debit card #

    There are so many ways to get cc info now. Everyone should read about "man in the middle attacks" to change how they shop online. It is so easy to perform against networks, your computer OS doesn't matter at that point. I would suspect any time you can't physically see your card. I had a...
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    Apple vs. Samsung

    That is a huge misconception about apple products. To each his own though.
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    Apple vs. Samsung

    The bigger they are... the harder they fall. Can anyone name the company that lead the IT industry fifteen years ago and still leads the industry today? IBM, AOL, Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo? They were all considered at one time to invincible and yet they are no longer a dominate force. I...
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    Need New Laptop ...32bit vs 64bit ?'s

    And.. The 64 OS will allow you to use more than 4gb of ram. If you are looking at one now, make sure it comes with the upgrade to Windows 8 when it comes out. 8 hits consumer devices this fall, so most manufactures have free or low cost upgrade entitlement.
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    San Diego-new way of doing fireworks........

    That has never happened before... I swear. Don't be mad. Stop touching me.
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    Anyone into vintage home stereo?

    Yea, I have found a few pairs there. I miss the sale or they are not worth the asking price. There was a great set that I saw go throught there a few weeks ago, near perfect shape and new foam on them. I missed those:(
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    Anyone into vintage home stereo?

    While not of the highest sound quality, I am in search of a cheap pair of Cerwin Vega D9s for my GN to listen to while I work on her. The vegas are known for loud rock and roll music or whatever. Perfect for my redneck version of Christine... I picked up a 1962 Fender reverb tank from a house...
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    Kind of.... Exodus 21:24
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    Lifetime warranty tip for parts stores

    I went in one day to exchange some dura shocks with a lifetime warranty and they informed me that a cost saving measure was to only store warranty information for the past three years, anything older was deleted when AA upgraded their database system. Two calls to their regional manager up in...
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    Max Effort 16 Pos

    Do you have idea of how much you would like for it?