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    HVAC control question

    Easy first check: Inspect the check-valves (disc looking valves in-line) the can go bad & kill vac pressure; easy replacement, although the newer ones I've seen are much wider than OEM; more a cylinder shape. Just make sure you orient it properly when replacing. Good time to check 'em all...
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    Blower motor doesn't work on HI

    "hi" setting actually bypasses the relay. Kinda' common; check the purple wire on the blower; follow it down the P/S firewall & pull the wire up the connector gets corroded;clean it up & you should have full blast again! HTH! Do_O
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    The latest from the nitwit..

    But we can't drug test welfare parasites... Hmmm D o_O
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    buick meet

    Yep, Robert posted this: If it doesn't open just go down a few threads in the Texas section to "Nifty Fifties" post I might try & make it! D o_O
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    Powder coating question

    Did a few pieces w/ the Harbor Freight unit; not bad (upper & lower radiator hard pipes & some other odds & ends) I bought an apt. sized oven off C/L to coat in; the main thing is prep/clean/mask. make sure part are clean & preheat 'em possible. The only pain is moving the parts into the oven...
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    Spectre air filter destroyed my turbo.

    This sounds like a defective mfg. suit; you need start at the very beginning of the chain (retail store) & work your way up. Document everything & keep a record of all damages/ rect's look around for an atty to handle products liability cases (most law schools have a clinic or referral service)...
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    A/C Fan not working in High position

    Check the Purple wire coming off the connector on the blower motor, its the main power to the blower; trace it down the corner of the passenger side cowl area by blower, down the door post area wire/conn. gets corroded. wiggle it around & fan see if fan comes on. lots of posts on fix (No relays...
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    Few parts f/s

    P/M sent (heater lines) Do_O
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    Door grounding?

    Yep, put in new servos for door locks & had to replace P/ window switch also, D/S wouldn't work w/o P/S plugged in; I guess they are wired in series. Do_O
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    Keyless remote install

    So the RKE's TAN wire is not connected?I'm about to do mine & don't wanna fcuk it up Do_O
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    the part has been sold.Thanks Guys

    next in line D
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    Remote Keyless Entry Module

    PM sent Do_O
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    Anyone help with speedo cable change out

    The cables should have a lube packet included, all of mine have. Do_O
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    Anyone help with speedo cable change out

    Look for : Y-802 (upper) 38" Thread Size 7/8-18 female, 5/8-18 female Y-822 (lower) 61" Thread Size 7/8-18 female, 7/8-18 male there is a cross-ref tab I had to cross-reference the lower to the Dorman/Motormite #03164 at O'rielly but can't...
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    Anyone help with speedo cable change out

    Here is the site for cables: I had to find 2 piece cable for AVC dash & was able to get it here there is a cross-ref page, etc. Very helpful. HTH! D o_O
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    FS: New Kirban Knock Gauge

    PayPal sent; PM sent! Thx, D
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    FS: New Kirban Knock Gauge

    Knock, knock... I'd like it! Where do I send PP $? Darrell
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    Where can you get headliner fabric???

    JoAnn's Fabric, Hancock Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Michael's etc. they usually have the rolls in the carpet section they usually have several colors, mine was spot on for my G/N Also quite a few online resources: search "headliner fabric" Do_O