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    Who makes 255/50/16 tires ?

    There are a few choices in 245/50, but BFG G-force Sport Comps are the only street tire in 255/50. Otherwise Toyo makes road race/drag radials, Mickey Thompson has the ET Street SS drag radial, and Hoosier has a drag radial and road race tire.
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    link to Photos from Cecil

    Here's the link to the album on my Flickr page for anyone having issues viewing it on Facebook:
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    link to Photos from Cecil

    The direct link to the FB album isn't working, but the album and page are public so no log in is needed if you go to the MAGNA page and just click on the photos. I'll have to upload them to flickr and post a link.
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    September Meet - the "Big One" at Cecil County Dragway

    Bump for this weekend. Forecast at the moment is showing sunny and 84 degrees. :cool:
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    ****ATR 3" Crossflow Exhaust****

    That's the first ATR crossflow I've seen. I have the RJC cross flow which is supposed to be very similar to, if not the same as the ATR. Here's an old idle clip to you an idea:
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    Turbo Buick 10 Commandments

    Thou Shall forgive thy uneducated brother for "nice monte" comments Thou Shall follow this formula when building a TR: cheap, fast, good ...... pick two Thou Shall expect everything that can go wrong will go wrong ..... frequently Thou Shall expect that changing one part will lead to a cascade...
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    Great cleaner for T wheels

    If it's anything like the Eagle Mag Wheel cleaner it will turn them white after a period of time. Best solution for me was to have them painted and cleared. Waterless wash or detailer is all it takes to clean them after.
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    Which in-tank fuel pump??

    340 would give you a bit of a safety buffer. I've been mid 10s with a single stealth 340, larger feed/return lines, 93/dual alky and 60lb injectors.
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    Coming soon correct reproduction window stickers

    Good that someone else will be able to make them. Have they looked into being able to do RPO stickers from scratch? Not a case of people wanting to "fake options" or clone, but some cars have had trunk lids changed out during restorations and no longer have the original RPO sticker. I'm in the...
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    Coming soon correct reproduction window stickers

    They are not reproducing them anymore, at least from scratch. You must have a legible original window sticker, the same as the current trunk RPO stickers. I was able to get one done through Kirban a year or two ago since I had my original.
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    MAGNA monthly meet, Saturday May 18th, The Greene Turtle, Hunt Valley Maryland

    Bump for tomorrow! Weather looks perfect :cool:
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    MAGNA monthly meet, Saturday May 18th, The Greene Turtle, Hunt Valley Maryland

    Join MAGNA at The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille in Hunt Valley, Maryland! Saturday May 18th @ 11am. Great food including burgers, tacos, wraps, salads, etc. For anyone interested in coming early there is a large cars & coffee event called Hunt Valley Horsepower that takes place 7a-10a in the...
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    Koenigsegg Jesko debut Geneva Auto Show 2019

    The Hennessey Venom went 270mph and they claim the new F5 will do 300. Have no doubt the Jesko will go faster. The Koenigsegg Agera RS went 285mph bouncing off the rev limiter so really it could have gone in the 290s (two way average of 277.9). They actually set 5 records that day, one being...
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    Koenigsegg Jesko debut Geneva Auto Show 2019

    The Jesko is certified for emissions homologation up through 2026. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Koenigsegg Jesko debut Geneva Auto Show 2019

    I think Bugatti had the idea for the car and a customer stepped up to fund the project and purchase it. Cool looking car. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Koenigsegg Jesko debut Geneva Auto Show 2019

    Some of you know that Koenigsegg is by far my favorite car company. Every part of the cars, aside from tires, are designed, built and tested in house. Today they released the Agera/Agera RS replacement (current world's fastest production car record holder), the Jesko, which is named after...
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    GNX in Forza Horizon 4

    Recently got an Xbox One X that came with Forza Motorsports 7 and Forza Horizon 4. The graphics are just out of this world. I discovered there is a GNX in the game which I purchased and set up to look like my actual car. The exhaust note isn't too far off, but no turbo sounds. If anyone else...
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    How to find stupid people just wait for snow

    Haha. I hate people who don't clear snow off the roof of their car or especially truck/SUV.
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    January 2019 MD MAGNA Meet - Autobahn Speedway Jan 26th

    Bump for this weekend!
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    Need tire size for T wheels.

    Original size was 215/65/15. 225/60 will work or even 235/60 (may rub).