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  1. DeltaBravo

    GN wheels

    Did you sell them? I'm interested.
  2. DeltaBravo

    87 GN parts for sale

    I'm looking for a complete set of GN wheels with caps. What the asking price for those? Pics please? Thanks.
  3. DeltaBravo

    4 GN Wheels/Tires/Caps/lug Nuts

    I'm looking for a set and you have exactly what I'm looking for... Just need to figure out the logistics...2,700miles away. I'm on the Left Coast. :p
  4. DeltaBravo

    Spoolfool's open house, TB swap meet and taco party Saturday Oct 15th 2022

    Thank you Mike! I am looking forward to it... Its been a few years since i've been to this event. And do to work, I couldn't make the annual Buick at Bates this year. :cry: If anyone has a set of OEM 1987 GN wheels, I am in the market. Let me know...
  5. DeltaBravo

    HVAC Fan stays on high

    Pulled it out, opened it up and found the contacts were stuck. Separated the contacts, lightly sanded and cleaned them up, put it all back together and it’s all works. Thanks again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. DeltaBravo

    HVAC Fan stays on high

    Thanks Pacecarta, Thats cheap and easy. I will give it a shot.
  7. DeltaBravo

    HVAC Fan stays on high

    Hey all... I don't understand this issue, please help explain how my HVAC fan will stay on high after turning it off. The fan speed will not change no matter what setting the controls are in. AND get stay on after turning the car completely OFF and pulling the keys out of the...
  8. DeltaBravo

    Engine core complete

    Apologies Lou... Good intentions with bad results. In other words...bad joke. If I was in need of a good complete core, I would pick it up. That is all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. DeltaBravo

    Engine core complete

    1500 bucks! I’m turning around right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. DeltaBravo

    Right front is 1 1/2 lower then the left ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. DeltaBravo

    Front suspension

    I went with PST (Performance Suspension Technology) Front upper/lower tubular control arms and rear upper tubular adjustable arms with lower tubular arms. The rear upper and lowers come with a brace kit that tie the control arm mounts to the frame. With some Eibachs and Bilstiens on 17'
  12. DeltaBravo

    Who is this Lou Garznada? reference: 22:00 into the video. I am a bit of a smart-ass. I am aware of who Doug (guy in the video) was talking about. But I don't believe he properly pronounce Lou's last name...hence the title in this thread.
  13. DeltaBravo

    Oil Filter Query:

    youtube! Great videos of guys cutting open several brand names. Here is just one of them...
  14. DeltaBravo

    Rear tray material

    Thanks, that's a good idea. Maybe tomorrow I will stop by my local Hobby Lobby/Joanns store and see what they have.
  15. DeltaBravo

    Rear tray material

    Hello all, Doing some interior work and wondering what type of material originally covered the rear tray. I've got a an '87 GN. i've looked at our vendors websites and haven't found just the material...found a couple offer the tray with a material. My tray is in good condition, just needs...
  16. DeltaBravo

    Spark on 1,3,5 No spark on 2,4,6?

    Similar problem (not the spark thing, don’t know nothing about that) but starting then would die after a couple of seconds...turned out to be my crank sensor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. DeltaBravo

    New GN with issues.

    This is what mine looked like. Symptoms like yours. Blowing oil out of the valve cover breather and dipstick. Compression leak down test time. Report back, let us know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. DeltaBravo

    Complete spare tire setup

    No worries man and that is a great price. UnfortunatelyI've purchased another set up. Turbotroy...your up! Thanks again,
  19. DeltaBravo

    Complete spare tire setup

    Any luck gorge1087?