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  1. Eluder-Racing

    Two 18x9 GNX Reproduction Wheels

    how far are you from Detroit?
  2. Eluder-Racing

    Scammer - again

    just wanted to chime in so I posted on here I was looking to purchase a forward drum for my transmission I was contacted by this same guy and given the same gmail email to contact his friend he had one for sale. after some back and forth he tried to scam me out of $450.00 for the drum I know I...
  3. Eluder-Racing

    Looking For Heat treaded forward drum or billet Forward drum for 86-87 GN 200-4R trans

    hello all so like the title says im looking for either a heat treated forward drum or the better billet forward drum for my 86 GN I know all the shops that sell them just looking to see if anyone maybe bought it and didn't use it or something along those lines just trying to save a few bucks, I...
  4. Eluder-Racing

    Fore Sale: Nice List

    id like the oil cooler adapters I would need them shipped to michigan 48390 want to give me a package deal price?
  5. Eluder-Racing


    hello do you have any of the sketches left? id be very interested in those
  6. Eluder-Racing

    86-87 Factory ECM wanted

    I am looking for a factory ECM for a 86-87 GN must be in good shape no corrosion on pins. I am located in michigan will need it shipped and will pay with PayPal. need ASAP.
  7. Eluder-Racing

    New ECM installed starts and runs terrible NEED HELP!!!!!

    orange wire is definitely hooked back up.
  8. Eluder-Racing

    New ECM installed starts and runs terrible NEED HELP!!!!!

    so I have a 86 GN factory ECM car sits in the garage most of the time hardly ever driven started and pulled the car out and was letting it run to warm up etc... while I cleaned the garage. long story short it ended up dying no fuel pressure found one of the pins on the original ECM broken off...