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  1. gsgns4me

    86-87 AC Evaporator wanted

    If nothing turns up, you might try this evaporator from Original Air...... 1984-1987 Grand National, GNX, Turbo Regal Evaporator
  2. gsgns4me

    Morel lifters are loud

    From the way you have your picture, I believe if you put your positive cable on the lug you have pointed out, your starter is going to run all the time. To me, from your picture, put the positive wire and fusible links on the longer top stud. Any other (smaller) wire (ignition) goes on the...
  3. gsgns4me

    part number for for OEM ac evaporator

    You might try here..... 1984-87 Buick Grand National / GNX & T-Type Regal Evaporator Coil
  4. gsgns4me

    86/87 Performance parts for sale

    Thanks, Kyle. Paypal is on the way.
  5. gsgns4me

    86/87 Performance parts for sale

    Inline & interested in the injectors, 5.7 chip, & heated O2 sensor if they are still available. Will PM later tonight after I get home from work. Thanks.
  6. gsgns4me

    Turbo builds

    Welcome to the forum. You might want to snoop around on, as well as here.
  7. gsgns4me

    Removal of manual shaft seal

    NAPA part number NOS 4912 for the seal. KD tools #2393 for the tool to replace/install the seal without dropping the pan.
  8. gsgns4me

    Buy, Rent or Borrow 44W Buick Parts Illustration Catalog

    Some of what you are looking for might be found here.....
  9. gsgns4me

    Middle aged?

    One of the many things you learn after you hit the age of 50..."you can never trust a fart to be just a fart."
  10. gsgns4me

    Installed new sink, plumber help needed

    You can find just about anything on the internet.:p
  11. gsgns4me

    Trans pan ID

  12. gsgns4me

    In need of input

    You might check the pawn shops in your area. Might even find some of your own tools that were stolen while you're there.
  13. gsgns4me

    Anyone know latin?

    Or "Haud somnus pro scelestus" maybe.
  14. gsgns4me

    Very early 1-2 part throttle shift

    I'm not sure you set the cable in the proper sequence. Push in the tab to unlock the cable, move the cable all the way toward the firewall, release the tab. Then floor the throttle to pull the cable back out to the proper position (not counting a notch or two in either direction for tweaking...
  15. gsgns4me

    Anyone know latin?

    Would "Haud otium pro scelestus" be better/closer translation?
  16. gsgns4me

    Any one kow where the Trans. Pressure Sensor switch is located???

    It's on the valve body, located under the trans side cover. It can be replaced without removing the trans, but the sub-frame does need to be dropped. A good site for parts/info is Triple Edge Performance
  17. gsgns4me

    Suggestions of things to add to site

    When I come to the site, I hit "New Posts". In the list that shows how many pages of new posts, I could used to hit "Go to last page" or something similar and open it in a new window or tab. I would have page 1 open along with page 1X and read the posts of interest to me until both windows/tabs...
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    Suggestions of things to add to site

    First off....Thanks for your hard work! Could a quick link to the last page of new posts be added? I usually open 2 tabs or windows and read the posts from the first and last page until I meet in the middle somewhere. Helps save some time when there are 13 or more pages of "new posts"...
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    Question for the Buick GURU's

    An '80's G-body is quite a bit more than 10 feet long.