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    Looking for an ECM for my 1979 Regal turbo.

    Thanks, found what I was looking for.
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    Looking for an ECM for my 1979 Regal turbo.

    OK, maybe I used the wrong word. Definitely has an electronic control box. I called it an ECM.
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    Looking for an ECM for my 1979 Regal turbo.

    Looking for a good ECM for my 1979 Regal Turbo motor. The one I have has broken mounting holes.
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    Found, '84 Buick Riviera? motor

    This motor has no wiring with it. It was cut out of the car before being crushed. What major issues am I up against for this to be a stand alone motor in a streetrod. Will need all electronic,. ECM, and sensors. What is readily available? Thanks Dan Marx 1928 Essex w/'79 turbo
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    Blue Upper Door Panels for Manual Windows

    So, had a conversation with a retired Buick engineer who is a turbo guru. He said if the computer on my '79 turbo went bad, it would still run on 110 Octane racing fuel. Does this make sense? Dan
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    '79 3.8 Turbo, alternator bracket needed. NA or Turbo, same?

    I am in need of the alternator bracket, A/C, and power steering brackets. Need to confirm wether the NA and Turbo will interchange. Any parts out there? Found an NA motor in another state but can't confirm an interchange. Thanks Dan
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    Need mounting bracket

    are the brackets for an NA the same as a turbo.? dan
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    Need mounting bracket

    Engine is a Vin 3, from a '79 Regal. Dan
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    Need mounting bracket

    The 3.8 turbo in my '28 Essex Super Six came without any mounting brackets, so instead of asking on the list for used brackets, I made my own. As usual I'll do it my self and pay the money later!!!!! Duh. I need a complete set of mounting bracket for the original AC unit, alternator, and...
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    Holley spread bore story, boost referenced.

    So, just to be different, I installed a Holley 4160 carb on the draw thru turbo. The major issue with the carb was the vacuum secondaries would not open on acceleration. In fact, it would die, !!! So after lots of questions , and no help from Holley, I sent the carb to Joe at All American...
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    cracked head or manifold leak

    OK, I have been chasing an exhaust leak and couldn't find where it was coming from. Then I had the AH Ha moment, maybe the headers are leaking. Just for the hell of it I pulled a plug and this is what I found. Now, could this be blow by at the spark plug, ie cracked head, or a leak in the...
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    The J&S Safeguard questions

    I believe the use of an NA dizzy would be the way to go. Any one got one avaialable? Thanks for the reply, didn't see your answer before starting another thread. Regards Dan
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    Installing J and S Safeguard

    Ok gurus, as I look at the schematics of the J&S and the ‘79 Turbo, it appears that an NA dizzy is required. Once you remove the ECM, you are left with a dizzy that has 4 wires in a round connector . The J&S connects to the HEI and Has a knock sensor. Just the musings of a back woods country...
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    The J&S Safeguard questions

    Just a thought, since the ECM is being eliminated, would I use an NA dizzy? Yep, another wild question.
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    The J&S Safeguard questions

    So, here is a question to start with; once I disconnect the ECM and set it on the bench, I am left with the connection from the distributor that has 4 wires in a round connector. I need to know the function of each wire, brown, black, white and green then how to splice them into the safe guards...
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    The J&S Safeguard questions

    Well, I got the system, looked at the schematics and said" this is gonna require more time and expertise than I have". Things are very tight under the dash board and I' m hesitant to start!!!! John's drawing shows cars with a coil, not an HEI coil. So I just need to follow along with...
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    The J&S Safeguard questions

    no carb computer, 650 holley Qjet, with draw thru. Thanks, that is what I was hoping for. Any special issues installing the J and S system? gremlins, etc?
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    The J&S Safeguard questions

    Just bought the J&S system. Any issues with wiring it into the '79 Turbo. Does it totally eliminate the ECM? Dan
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    Operating temp

    160 thermostat