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    2015 GS Nationals Race Results

    I want to say thanks to Holly and Cal for all the work and time spent with all of the racers in helping with this event, also to all of the TSO class for letting me play in this great field of cars, it was great to see and get to meet friends and make new ones, also congratulations to Dave for...
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    18 Foot Sloan Tilt back trailer

    Ok Thanks.
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    18 Foot Sloan Tilt back trailer

    Jeff, did you ever sell you trailer. Jr.
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    Highway Stars

    Just would like to say, great customer service, ordered several parts and recieved in short order. Thanks Jr.
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    Congratulations to Tony Gomes & Dave Fiscus

    Congrats to Dave in getting the bugs worked out and trying to keep you out of trouble : ), was great seeing you, keep up the good work.
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    Richie this is JR, saw your car at reynolds and wanted to know if you have any pics of your...

    Richie this is JR, saw your car at reynolds and wanted to know if you have any pics of your motor with the EGT phrobes installed, reason is that I am going to install them in mine and would like to get a visual on instalation. Thanks Jr.
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    Happy Birthday Holly Hartline!

    Happy Birthday Holly
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    Skeet shooting advice needed

    So Long as you are having fun , thats all that matters (yea rite : ) gona be tough with what you have the Win with the deer barrel will be either rifled slug or smooth bore full choke which is way to tight, the side by side gives you a different sight plane than a o/u or single barrel gun, and...
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    Southern Boosted Showdown November 9th-10th Reynolds GA

    Count me in, I'll be there. Jr.
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    Bowling green

    Let me first off give thanks to Holly and Cal for all of their help and friendship during this event, I really had a great time meeting alot of fellow racers and making new friends, it was great to see you Dave and meeting your brother :D (best friend), also Jason conj on the run and Tony, JD...
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    Roll call for Reynolds!!!!

    I plan on being there whenever it is and running TSR. Jr.
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    Anyone into amateur radio?

    Dad has been a Ham radio operator since in the military 1952, he ran the MARS sattion in Frankfurt germany, also in South Korea, and even at Fort Gordon Ga, I helped out running phone patches in Germany and Ga when that was about the only way to communicate, but now with satelite tech, it is...
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    Need electronic boost controller!

    PM sent.
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    Need electronic boost controller!

    Got a Innovative (brand New) with everything, let you you have it for what I have in it. $250.00. Jr.
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    welding a cage or 6 point

    One more thing, if the car has the original body bushings, you might want to change them out, cause if you install the cage then have to put new bushings in it will raise the car off of the cage. HTH Jr.
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    question about transbrake

    I was in the same boat as you, there are 2 ways that I see you to go and the first is talk to Lonnie, about setting you up with the break in drive ( I have one set-up by him but have not installed it yet), but the one I am using now is the button is made in the shifter handle and startes out in...
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    Car show and buick meet in south georgia

    Gary, plan on being there, how about directions. Jr.
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    Southern Buick Shootout - "North vs South" APRIL 22nd & 23rd

    Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU, to Holly, Cal, And Clint for putting on a great event, and meeting alot of nice and good people who were very friendly and helpful thruout the event, ( can"t thank you enough). Thanks again Jr.
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    15.3 degrees of Kr

    How about tire spin?
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    Looking to purchase a Handgun....what is recommended

    Scott, have you looked at the sub compact, I purchsed one with the OD green lower and black upper in 9 and love it, very easy to carry can even put it in your back pocket and not be noticable. Jr.