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    Reproduction upper armrest trim

    Thanks for getting this done 89mulletbird. I'll take a set of the unpainted. I'll send you an email if that's ok.
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    A few TTA trinkets & 616N nos plug wires/ black and gold/ no heat shields

    Hey Bryan, Hope that "body work" fixes you up. Good to hear from you. I remember those plug wires setting on your car cover. Good luck with the sale. A track in Sugarcreek would be great news for the City.
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    Guys that do bodywork for a living...

    1800.00 is not hard to spend. Sealer,color, clear, all the hardners, reducers,flex additives, etc. No primers or epoxy. The above for a TTA, through a shop at his cost Standox 1400.00 Take your time when you have 300.00 in your paint gun. But that clear sands so sweet. Posted from the...
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    Ignition Module Question

    That's a needle in the haystack. Similar to when a fusible link burns into, and the insulation stays intact.
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    Ignition Module Question

    I ordered the ACDelco module, as for church I'll have to wait for Sunday. Thanks for all the help. I'll update, hopefully with good news. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Ignition Module Question

    Thanks for the RA tip, I had looked there, but like Mcdonald's they have too many choices. Which part number did you end up choosing? Man, your module is ready for some nachos. Good luck on making it until the delivery truck shows up.
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    Ignition Module Question

    Thanks for the picture of yours. When you see that, you have found at least one of your problems. Mine is not that bad yet, it has started to turn where the coil wires are laying across the dielectric material. It quits pulling at high RPM when warmed up. The lifetime warranty ICM's from the...
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    Ignition Module Question

    Thanks for the reply. That's a good option. This car is bone stock, so I'll try to go with an OE style piece. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Ignition Module Question

    My module has the "Pert Shampoo" ooze inside and I have a miss. It looks like there are many options from 70.00 to a couple hundred dollars. What is the best one for the buck? Any recommendations would be appreciated. I read a few threads and it looks like the chain parts store units have some...
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    Grand National Parts For Sale

    Agreed, hate to seem the like a grump, but there are so many distractions. You look around and it's phones, eating, headsets, navigation,etc. Take out the toy cars and it makes you nervous. Love it when your the only one on the road. 23psi oh yeah.
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    Grand National Parts For Sale

    Not mine, but might help someone out. What a shame.
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    Machine shop in TX. You gotta see it!

    Thanks for putting this up, this is what really makes our country great.
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    Ravens Win SuperBowl !!

    The Bowl seemed to lack power...........must be a ford.
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    UKJ That was awesome.
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    TTA 1078 - New "Pro" Video

    Jan, that is a great video the lads did a very nice job. You were lucky to find a break in the rain.
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    Collector car insurance question

    Heacock here. No Problems, but fortunately no claims either. Nice to deal with adding cars and pricing when looking at new toys. Same issue with Hagerty, rates kept going up everytime renewal came around, before adjusting amounts for improvement or market(oh the good ole days). They have...
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    Paypal scam? probably

    Same wordy, broken english jibberish that I have seen on those "to good to be true" craigslist ads. Looks like a scam to me.
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    This board

    WOW, this thread has problems even Haterade can't fix, but I am cracking up.
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    Rjc racing

    Thanks for the quick reply Haterade. It took you only .00001 seconds to hijack this thread, you sneaky devil. At least I will have the last word for now.;)
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    Rjc racing

    :smile: RJC helped me with some problems encountered swapping turbos. They offered some good advice and provided the parts needed. The parts were delivered fast and are very high quality. Thanks for supporting our Turbo Buicks and in my case the MIGHTY TTA.