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    Fella's, tire & rim size question

    I've read thru the "are these tires & wheels gonna fit" Q&A and I think I'm more confused now. I have an 87 gn, Moser Ford 9 rear" (stock application), no frame notch, no fender roll or fender notch, no wheel well molding, HR Parts rear suspension, Synergey body bushings, Baer brakes (SS4) and...
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    Dash Wiring Harness

    Philadelphia. Thanks for the help.
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    Dash Wiring Harness

    Over the years from different people working on my car the dash wiring harness has been seriously molested. Wires all over the place! I'd love to know why and how. Anyway, I see there's an option for an "engine swap dash wiring harness". Is this a viable option? Anyone here ever use one? I'm...
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    Best Exhaust to replace rusted old one.

    TR Custom here. Product is great and so are the people.