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    New to the page, new to the BUICK!!

    Welcome aboard and good luck! Even after 3 years of ownership, I'm still a new guy to these cars, but this place is loaded with solid information and people willing to help out. I did the vacuum brake conversion in my vehicle. Got tired of the power master.
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    Jim is a great guy. I'm surprised you can't find anyone to do it. I actually had 2 shops quote me the same price to do it (one was a fancy place specializing in Ferrari, so, classics, etc) . The other was my daily driver mechanic. I think it was less than $400?
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    Want to raise car

    My fronts I left stock. They did the seem too bad to begin with. Rears were replaced with Kirban progressive. I don't know how these match up to the Moogs. I replaced the Rears because it originally sat lower than the front.
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    Want to raise car

    The ride in the car is night and day. I'm the 2nd owner on the car (52k original miles), and while I have some history on it, not everything. So don't know what was done. It doesn't have the same floating ride going down the road now, and obviously traction is way better as well...
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    OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

    I actually read through this entire thread to get a feel for some things, as well as to check out the pictures. Who doesn't like car porn? I was surprised that there aren't too many burgundy/maroon cars. Lots of you guys/gals have awesome cars with sweet wheels and other goodies. A while...
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    Want to raise car

    Eagleguy - Forgot to post these up. Maybe it'll help. I was running all stock suspension, wheels, and tires. I just had Kirban rear progressive springs installed (which I thought I saw somewhere they are Moogs?). I left the fronts stock. I also installed Bilsteins on all 4 corners. The...
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    Who is running a 275 50 15? Fitment help...

    I believe it is, but I'm not positive. Sorry. Will see if I can get it measured.
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    Who is running a 275 50 15? Fitment help...

    Got my tires mounted yesterday. Didn't take pics, as its at the shop for an alignment. As I mentioned, I put new Bilsteins on all 4 corners, and new Kirbans progressive rate springs on the rear. I left the front springs alone. Previously, my car visually "sagged" in the rear. I never did...
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    Who is running a 275 50 15? Fitment help...

    I have a set of Nitto 275 50 15 going on an 8" wheel today. From all the research I've done here and elsewhere, there should be no issues at all with fitment (but as Pacecarta mentioned, your rear is an unknown). In hindsight, maybe I should have gone with 275 60, but whatever. After these...
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    Corny Joke(s) of the Day

    I went to the zoo today. They only had one dog there. It was a shitzu.
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    Stage Two Twin Turbo 274 gn price reduced $29,999

    Not in my cards, but baaaad ride! And that's a sweet 60'!
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    A sheep in RAM's clothing

    Nicely done!
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    Correct Tire Sizing

    You're right. For some reason though stock wheel was 7.5. But its 7. (Although MT does say minimum of 7.5 to fit, but I'm outside that spec anyway). Thanks for the heads up.
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    Correct Tire Sizing

    Good link, Turbo. Thanks.
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    Correct Tire Sizing

    Gotcha. Thanks.
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    Correct Tire Sizing

    I understand each car is different, and suspension set ups may come in to play. But looking at the 255 60, the dimensions I'm seeing show this tire at a 27.10" diameter. Wouldn't that actually make it more likely to rub than a 275 50?
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    Correct Tire Sizing

    Yea, probably another topic beat to death, and you all want to tell me to just look for it, but that's what I got a wife for. Oh wait, I don't have one of those anymore... Anyway: I'm looking to put 275 50R15 on my stock wheels. They should fit. But when I view the various tires in this...
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    Back on the road......

    Welcome back, and glad things seem to be going OK with the GN. Sorry about your Mom.
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    Another "What's next" Thread

    OK, thanks again guys. Now its starting to come together. Appreciate you all working with me and providing your insight. The $2K number I threw out is because I had to start somewhere. I didn't want to be one of those people who asks a shitload of questions, and then say I was only looking...