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    WTB SMC Alky Kit

    If anybody has an old working SMC alky kit laying around collecting dust that you are willing to part with, please message me with a price. I have a TTA and alky kits are hard to find. If I can't get an old SMC which is what I use now, I may try to retrofit an Alky Control GN kit. I would rather...
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    A few good parts

    What are you looking to get for the TTA motor mounts? Thanks, Rob
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    TTA valve covers.

    What are you looking to get for the set as is? I could definitely use them.
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    Art Carr 3K Stall N/L Converter

    Awesome, I'll take it!! I'll PM you to get PayPal address and final cost with shipping.
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    Art Carr 3K Stall N/L Converter

    Please put me in line if smokingunz passes on it. Thanks!!
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    PM sent on the cam and timing chain.
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    Car Craft Nats??

    Chad, I will definitely look you up, I have to see the hardtop TTA. I probably won't be bringing my TTA, as I just starting messing with the oil pan gasket/rear main seal and not sure if I will have it back together for Saturday. Rob
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    Car Craft Nats??

    I may have to roll up there for that, looks like a pretty cool event and not too far of a drive.
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    I stared to put a video together

    Nice work on the video. Car has a great stance and that launch off the line looks awesome!!
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    Got a few ahead of you...
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    If the tensioner is still available, please put me in line for it. Thanks!!!
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    Shakedown Pass 1/8 mile

    Basically, the car is a beast!!!!
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    TTA and universal LC2 stuff,tensioner,gauges

    Could you please put me in line for the tensioner pulley if the deal falls through? Thanks
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    Belt Tensioner

    Looking for a belt tensioner, new or used, ugly or pretty. As long as it works and has never been broken and repaired works for me. Thanks in advance. Rob
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    Shakedown Pass 1/8 mile

    I don't think it looks crude. Looks pretty damn cool!!!
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    Parts for Sale - Garage Clean Out

    pm sent on chrome doghouse and fuel pressure gauge.
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    For Sale:SMC alcohol injection kit, RJC boost controller, Stock MAF

    Please put me in line for the alky kit if nobody else takes it. Thanks
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    TTA Parts For Sale

    Would you happen to have a set of the TTA valve covers for sale? Thanks, Rob
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    RJC Power plate, MSD 50s, LS1 evac pump

    Please put me in line for the power plate if the deal falls through. Thanks, Rob